July 9 ArtWalk

The Scoop at Walter's

6408 32nd Avenue NW
In his first ArtWalk appearance at Walter's in six months, Matt Bazemore presents new work at this beloved Sunset Hill hangout. His paintings of local scenes include the Ballard Lock's Rose Garden and the turtle pond at Golden Gardens. Visit Bazemore's website to see more of his Ballard-centric work.

July (18x24)

Center of the Universe Network Care
2622 NW Market Street, Suite C
Eckhart Tolle in his Book The New Earth, writes that our first discovery of flowers was a re-introduction to our Selves as conscious and spiritual beings. Artist Leah Libow goes a step further saying it also woke us up to the sensual and feminine nature of all things in the universe.

In her show Ancient Configurations of Beauty and Harmony, Libow explores how pattern - from the naturally erotic design of flowers, to the design of stones spun on the surface of canvas, stains sunk into fabric, and the use of doilies, lace and silhouettes of people as stencils - spins itself into organic, abstract and expressive images of the feminine. Using acrylic, watercolor, tea, random stains, beeswax, found fabric, doilies, lace and thread, she creates images that are simultaneously subtle and sweet and wild and erotic. See more about the artist at her

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