Two Exhibits at BallardWorks for August Including Artist's Reception

Two Exhibits, Get to Work & Art Works, are up at BallardWorks with an opening reception during the Ballard ArtWalk Saturday August 8, 2015, 6:00-9:00 pm.

The exhibit will run through August 28.

Get to Work features new prints by Phil Stoiber filling the 3rd floor exhibition areas. Art Works, Fifty pieces by Family and Friends, fills the second floor exhibition areas. It is especially interesting to see works that are inspired by another artist's work and a sampling of work collected by that same artist. What inspires, the products of inspiration and what that artist values in others' works is all part of the mystery of creativity.

Three floors of art studios and exhibition spaces open for the Art Walk Saturday, August 8, 2015. Open 6:00-9:00 pm.
Families with kids welcome. Enter through the 1st or 2nd floor doors on 30th Avenue. Includes painting, wood working/sculpture, wearable fiber art, encaustics, print making and more, all under one roof.
2856 NW Market Street
Phil Stoiber
Robert Hardgraves

Lina Raymond Featured at Horseshoe for August 8 ArtWalk

Housekeeping Off Seaview Avenue
If you saw Lina Raymond's "Salmon Bay from Fremont Peak" last month at Horseshoe, you'll want to return this month for "Housekeeping Off Seaview Avenue". Also on display are some of her Ballard Avenue series.

5344 Ballard Avenue NW
Lina Raymond

Erika Laureano Jewelry Featured at Venue for August ArtWalk

Venue this month is featuring the newest collection of jewelry artist Erika Laureano - a combination of ancient bronze and oxidized sterling silver. Within the line you will find stacking rings, earrings, bangles and necklaces both long and short. The marrying of the two metals creates an organic look, while the color combination of black and gold radiates sophistication, grace and elegance. This new collection complements her existing Patin Resin Collection that features organic colors that surface through the patina process as well as pieces of glass and bronze embedded in the resin.

5408 22nd Avenue NW

Leslie Ulrich Featured at Blowing Sands Gallery August 8

In the words of the artist, Leslie Ulrich:
“Patch Worked Series”
The act of sewing colors of fabric together to create pattern is an old and worthy act traditionally done by women out of necessity- some say a “labor of love” to keep families warm when they sleep.  I have always been attracted to patch work maybe because my mother is a quilter and I grew up surrounded by color and pattern.  As a child I remember making projects of 9-square patch work pillows and I also took needlepoint lessons.  The act of arranging color into patterns is my passion.  I am most influenced by the African-American tradition of multiple pattern quilts.  The quilts are usually divided into blocks of a repeat pattern; however each block is uniquely interpreted and rarely contains straight lines.  These quilts exemplify the West African principle of protective multiple patterning.  Evil spirits would have to decode the complex mixture of many patterns before they could do any harm to the user.  The idea of a physical quilt used for spiritual protection has influenced me greatly. 
 “Patch Worked”  is an ongoing series of work that explores and celebrates color and pattern created from an everyday object.  I paint brown paper, cut it and sew it back together in interpretive unique patterns.   I use recycled paper bags because it is a way to recycle the paper and “make something from nothing” a theme that has inspired my art making.   This work is a contemporary look at the traditional craft of patchwork.
My paper balls are a reflection and influence of Japanese culture and an appreciation of a simple object made beautiful.   In Japan paper is a national treasure.  Many objects, especially those for children, are made from paper like kites, fans, and even paper balloons.   Paper is temporary material that brings play and beauty to one’s life.  

 Leslie Ulrich's work will be shown along with pieces by glass artists Scott Darlington and Patricia Davidson August 8th - October 7th.

5805 14th Avenue NW

Reverse Glass Paintings at Robert Madsen Gallery in August

The reverse glass paintings by Evan Peterson are on show for the August 8 ArtWalk. These paintings are produced with the collaboration of photographer Bob Fink.

Robert Madsen Gallery
5448 Shilshole Avenue NW
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