Visiting Building C

As a working artist, it isn't often I get the chance to visit other venues on Second Saturday. For the month of July, I invited a friend to show her work in my studio while I took the night off to visit Ballard with a friend. Wanting to see as much art as possible, we went to Building C, located on 14th Ave NW at Leary.

In my child's mind, Building C is exactly what I imagined a studio building would look like. Exposed beams, rough wood floors, commercial loading bays and light filled workspaces.

With a roster of 28 artists and a number of collaborative studios, there is plenty to see on any given visit. We were only able to see half the open studios during our time. The artists were open and engaging, eager to discuss their work, their process, and sources of inspiration. I found endless inspiration.

Russel Hay in I Have Shot

Since the artists in Building C don't curate rotating shows, a visit to the building is unlike other spots along the Artwalk. You never know whose doors will be open, or what you will see when you stop in. They do not frequently promote their building, so it doesn't get a lot of hype through the channels available to Artwalk businesses. That being said, it should definitely be a destination for anyone interested in seeing the art at the source. This is where serious art happens.

Leah Adams - SpiderFelt in Spark Studio at BallardWorks

Invisible Adventures: A Story in Art & Poetry By Cynthia Heino Smith On View at Blowing Sands for the July ArtWalk

Paper collage, acrylics, wire, and watercolors—art in a range of mediums each with a corresponding poem: The concept of this show is that while each piece stands alone artistically, the whole of the show is connected through a character’s story.  This is a show to read your way through while on a summer’s art walk. 

Fox on Julie's Door
  Opening July 13th.  Show continues through August 7th.
5805 14th Avenue

Stop by Lucky Dry Goods for the July ArtWalk for Music by Barton Carroll and Paintings by Scott Davis

Lucky Dry Goods is proud to present local songwriter, Barton Carroll, and painter Scott Davis for July's Second Saturday Ballard ArtWalk event on July 13th.

Barton Carroll is an intense, brutally honest & literate folk singer in the vein of Bert Jansch or Michael Chapman. He's played with the Archers of Loaf, Crooked Fingers and other side projects, but he really shines on his solo albums. The "old, weird America" and ancient folk traditions of England are well evident in his complex yet simple story songs.

Scott Davis looks like he may have been in the Byrds. He works at Jive Time Records and knows everything there is to know about music. He paints these beautiful paintings, too.

Please join us for a summer's eve of live music, visual art, vintage clothing and adult beverages. All ages are welcome.

5424 Ballard Avenue NW

Shawna Feiling of 17 Knots is the Featured Artist at Venue for the July ArtWalk

Sailors are keenly aware of caring for oceans and waterways, so renewing, recycling, and reusing is nothing new to them. Puget Sound sailor, Shawna Feiling of 17 Knots is working on “re-sailing,” making totes, satchels, and wine bags from retired sails and scraps from sailmakers. Shawna is expanding her collection this month at Venue as the featured artist. Shawna believes that the repurposed sails bring the customer a taste of adventure, while also providing a great environmental benefit.

We’re all looking for the perfect bag for carrying gear to the boat, groceries to the house, or traveling on the next adventure. And doing it “green” has extra appeal. Bags are made from authentic recycled sailcloth from local vessels and handcrafted in Seattle, Washington. 

The 17 Knots collection includes totes, wine bags, satchels, iPad cases, and even holiday stockings. Customers can request a personalized item with a special date or initials. No two will be exactly alike, and they often have signs of hard sailing and high seas adventure.

5408 22nd Avenue NW

Ballard Consignment Presents the Watercolors of Katya Minkina for the July ArtWalk

“This series of watercolor paintings was born as a combination of two things from my 'never-to-do' list. Sketching in public and using watercolor."

The idea of drawing in public has always intimidated me. I preferred the comfort of more controlled settings, until I finally ventured into Seattle cafes about a month ago. When sketching real people who go about their business, a few seconds is all you got to capture a pose or a gesture. It takes a while to warm up and start seeing the essence beyond all the overwhelming details that cry for attention.

I have always had a very special reverence for watercolor as a medium, and for this reason I've resisted it the longest. For this series, I made dozens of quick pen drawings on location, and then continued working on them with watercolor in my studio. It allowed me to explore the spontaneity and fluidity of watercolor without being influenced by the original colors. In my experience, the most interesting effects of watercolor are more likely to come through in the absence of tight references - that's when the medium claims its power and works its natural magic.” 

Katya Minkina.

Special Features of the Show: 
Katya will be doing sidewalk portraits during the opening of the show and throughout Seafood Fest. 

5459 Leary Avenue NW

Continued for the July ArtWalk : Landscapes and Abstracts by Jamee Linton On Display At Camelion Design

Camelion Design is excited to feature the beautiful paintings of Jamee Linton during the June and July Ballard Art Walk. Jamee, a new Seattleite, has recently relocated from our sister city Portland, Oregon. She will be exhibiting both her well-known landscape paintings as well as her new abstract works. 

Her paintings demand attention through their use of color, composition, and mark making. Her landscapes offer a soothing escape into environments that remind us of the places we have been and want to go. Her abstracts draw from the motivations of abstract impressionism and tell a story of life, passion, and struggle through texture, mark making, color, and spontaneity. 

Jamee Linton-Kelly, originally from Aiken, South Carolina, obtained her MFA in Painting and BFA in Illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Jamee has exhibited her work in venues both in the United States and Europe, including but not limited to Paris, London, Dublin, Portland, Atlanta, and New York. Her work has received special attention in a number of publications including: New American Paintings, Picture Perfect, The Atlanta Magazine, The Portrait of Portland Magazine, and The Oregon Home Magazine. Her paintings have also been featured on HGTV’s "Deserving Design". She was also nominated for the 2011 Contemporary Northwest Art Award through the Portland Art Museum. Jamee currently lives in the beautiful, sometimes rainy, city of Seattle.

Camelion Design
5330 Ballard Ave NW

Hooray! Maps Ahoy!

The 3rd Quarter Ballard Artwalk is out. It will be delivered to participating businesses this week.

We're excited to announce several new stops along the Artwalk this quarter: Digs at 2002 NW Market St, Scribble Studios at 5211 20th Ave NW Suite A and Evolution Press at 1112 NW 50th St. Pick up your copy and then come out on Saturday July 13th  from 6-9pm.

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