August 13 ArtWalk Participants

Annie's Art & Frame
2212 Northwest Market Street

Derek Sullivan shows his collection of whimsical alphabet prints, along with a selection of his illustrative prints. Framed and unframed work will be available, and the artist will be in attendance.

5344 Ballard Avenue Northwest

Artist Reception 7-9PM

Artist, illustrator, and graphic designer
Kristien Ziska now lives in Seattle, but originally hails from the Arizona desert. This dichotomy of climates touches on the contrast in her interests, inspiration, and company she keeps and has been constant theme throughout her life. Ziska is horrible at sitting still and is currently in pursuit of balance and the ever-evasive virtue…PATIENCE. She enjoys producing art via watercolor, gauche, acrylic, pen and pencil, and digital prints. She is lover of babes, the desert, the universe, time and space, champagne, international friend visits, her beavers, crystals, moons, Egyptian symbolism, and kitty cats. As she reaches proper adulthood she is realizing her interests trend closer to that of her true self at 9 years old.

Dish it up!

5320 Ballard Avenue

The ART of Cooking
Gluten Free!
Join Chef Robin Singer as she demonstrates some of her delicious recipes - ones that just happen to be gluten free! Menu: Thin-crust Pizza with Zucchini-Goat cheese and Wild Mushroom-Chard and Bit-Sized Whoopie Pies with Mint or Coconut fillings. FREE samples and recipes available!

Blowing Sands Glass Studio/Laura Frost Art Gallery

5805 14th Avenue NW

Presenting The Poverty Bay Artists Group Show. This group of talented Northwest artists presents works of invention, originality, tradition, craftsmanship and beauty. Artists include painters Jim Matthew, Richard Jahn, Patrice Colvin and more. An excellent collection of pieces.

Artist Jim Matthew

Sev Shoon Arts Center
2862 NW Market Street

Combining mark-making, discarded scraps and images of the ordinary or inconsequential, Phil Stoiber produces prints using etching with chine colle and photocopy litho. He preserves in prints what some would consider debris of daily life, inviting viewers to this open demo to experience new ways of seeing what's familiar to us all.

More August ArtWalk Participants

Nightingale Gallery

2215 NW Market Street

Nightingale is excited to bring together a group project of art from Xavier Lopez, Jr, Brandon Baker (Narboo), Andrew Miller (Mantisart) and Dave Bloomfield (Starheadboy). Their murals can be seen throughout Fremont and Ballard, along with their and paintings down alley-ways and street signs, and live paintings at local music venues and parks. Check out their styles with the links below and just imagine how it's all going to come together! Plus, a D.J. spinning some tunes, refreshments for the refreshing, a lovely spread of snacks brought to you by the folks at Savour, and a good possibility of some live painting happening right before your eyes! Come hang out, dance a little and enjoy the ArtWalk!

Andrew Miller



Habitude Salon & Spa
2801 NW Market Street

Featuring artist Jenna Colby.

from the seas to the trees

new curiosities composed on wood

come stare

at the walls

and we will
tell you stories

Root. Integrative Health.

2026 NW Market Street, Suite 201

Celebrate summer with artist, Kaitlin Mellinger. Her captivating work incorporates acrylic on canvas to explore the subtleties in nature influenced by urban art. Rich color, creative layouts and a collaborative spin of these two concepts will surely please your eyes. Special guest, Marybeth Frieday, also shares tidbits of her life through the lens as a fresh face to Ballard, recently landing from the dreamy landscapes of Maui.

Marine Artists In August ArtWalk

Special Summer Event!

Salish Sea Trading Cooperative
24th Avenue Dock, at the foot of 24th Ave, east of PacFish

Salish Sea Trading Cooperative, Ballard's sail transport community non-profit, proudly hosts oil painter Charles Fawcett. Specializing in marine subjects, he has exhibited widely and is regularly featured on the cover of 48 North and the FOSS Maritime calendar. Fawcett is a member of Eastside Association of Fine Arts, the American Society of Marine Artists and the Puget Sound Group of Northwest Painters. A Master Mariner and a keen yachtsman, he lives on the Eastside.


Art & Soul
2860 NW Market Street

Robin Siegl makes oil paintings inspired by the industrial waterfront she sees regularly in frequent rowboat trips. The Duwamish River, Ballard ship canal and parts of Lake Union are her favorite places to investigate the enormous bulk of ships and barges. The wiggly water on which they float reflects marked-up, heavily worn surfaces and massive shapes, providing endless ideas for paintings. Siegl strives to convey the beauty in this subject, one that is not often thought of as beautiful. This exhibit includes five new paintings on heavy square paper, some exploring her new favorite subject; the thin line of light between two adjoining barges.

August ArtWalk Participants

Velouria Boutique
2205 NW Market Street

Featuring works by Portland artist Elizabeth Soule. In The Little Zoo, she uses Polaroid images of tiny toy animals mounted on wooden block frames in various and intriguing colors and angles. Plus, hand-made designs by local clothing designer Una and Portland jewelry designer Alisha Louise.

Cupcake Royale/Verite Coffee
2052 NW Market Street

Featuring In The Year of The Rabbit, a collection of paintings and portraits by E.A Davidson.

Kiss Cafe
2817 NW Market Street

Shai Steiner
considers herself so lucky to be able to combine her two greatest loves: animals and art. Drawing from an education in graphic design and photography, plus her experience as an equestrian instructor, Steiner was able to create a painting style that perfectly encompassed the strongest passions in her life. Using only bright colors enables Steiner to bring forth the life and spirit of each animal. A limited color palette puts the focus on the personality of each subject and creates an enjoyable challenge. What this artist enjoys most is meeting and spending time with these extraordinary animals and their people. Her work strives to celebrate the spirit of all animals and capture their ability to make us smile.
Let her capture the essence of your beloved friend.

August 13 ArtWalk

Miro Tea
5405 Ballard Avenue NW

Though Mary Kay Nespeca was born in New York and grew up in Ohio, she has lived in Seattle for 26 years.
A registered nurse, she was always drawn to the arts and humanities and in 2003, she enrolled in an encaustic painting workshop at Pratt Fine Arts Center. She immediately bonded with this most rewarding medium, which uses pigments mixed with hot wax that are burned in as an inlay. Since then, Nespeca acquired a Fremont studio where she makes art and keeps a very fine mess. This series of paintings is an exploration of how the wood, wax, pigment, paper and tea become the torso in motion. The process of fusing the separate components and then scraping away the wax, gives form not only to the figure, but to other works as well.

August ArtWalk Participants

5449 Ballard Avenue NW

Although PJ Andrews' immediate influences are Jackson Pollack and Andy Warhol, his animated work comes straight from the source - cartoons and cartoon characters. Believing characters such as Tweety and Captain Caveman to be larger than life, his rendition of these characters is accented with glitter.
Though simple to the point of elegant, PJ’s “diamond dust” efforts offer a new dimension to animation. Passionate about pop art, he believes that by applying his techniques to some of the most beloved animation icons in history, these characters are given the superstar appearance they truly deserve.

La Tienda Folk Art Gallery
2050 NW Market Street

Stop in and make your selection from their new shipment of African sculptures and one-of-a-kind baskets handmade in the Kavango Region of Namibia. Made from palm shoots using exquisite traditional designs, a single basket can take 3-6 weeks to complete.

5408 22nd Avenue Northwest

Imogene Froward
is the creative outlet and brand for Seattle-based artist Sylvie-Marie Drescher. A native New Yorker, Drescher studied fine art at SUNY Purchase and design at Seattle's School of Visual Concepts. Her line that features functional art pieces like night lights and coasters, draws inspiration from the Arts & Crafts movement, as well as from comic art, natural history illustration and textile design.


August ArtWalk

The Scoop at Walter's
6408 32nd Avenue NW

Please welcome self-taught artist Ron Torgeson to his first artwalk appearance! This show of recent oil paintings feature people, landscapes and animals. Ranging in size from 11 x 14 inches to 36 x 48 inches, his pieces are executed in bold colors and loose brush strokes. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Torgeson's style is a reaction to the somber grey color pallet we are
immersed in throughout much of the year.

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