BallardWorks Hosts Relish, Record, Report in September

"Relish Record Report"

Introducing a show featuring three photographers: Pete Bustanoby, Michael Mooney, and Irv Mortensen.

From jazz divas to landscape and nature, the Intertribal Canoe Journey, architecture, and series of surreptitious instants captured with humor, this exhibit brings together three photographers who have relocated from our Seattle metropolis to quieter surroundings on the Olympic peninsula. All three artists have spent years developing large bodies of work, and they have selected their favorite photographs for this show.

The display will also include several of Dionne Haroutunian's sketches, vignettes of life in China during her latest visit to that country in April 2014.

Please join us for the opening reception on Saturday, September 13, 6-9 PM as part of the Ballard ARTwalk, at BallardWorks.

BallardWorks 2856 NW Market Street

Nina Zubal's H.I. cards at Venue in September

Nina Zubal's creative outlet is called H.I. CARDS - a line of pop-up greeting cards created to inspire and encourage H.uman I.nteraction.

Nina has been making cards since she was introduced to paper art at the age of 10.  She carefully crafts all of her cards by hand using an X-acto knife to create different pop up styles, and sometimes incorporates her own photos into the design. 

Venue  5408 22nd Avenue NW

Solo Lofts Hosts Chris Pardo Design for September ArtWalk

Solo Lofts Hosts Chris Pardo Design: Elemental Architecture During the Ballard Artwalk

Local architect Peter Greaves will join us for this month’s installment of the Ballard ArtWalk. Peter is the architect of Solo Lofts and a member of award-winning firm Chris Pardo Design: Elemental Architecture. He will show architectural sketches and drawings that beautifully depict the design evolution of Solo Lofts.

Chris Pardo Design is located in the heart of Capitol Hill. The firm’s local expertise and Scandinavian aesthetic were a perfect combination to design Solo Lofts in line with Ballard’s special blend of Scandinavian and industrial heritages. With function driving its elegant form, Solo Lofts’ exposed ceiling ducts and concrete-inspired floors add height and volume to its spaces and nod to Ballard’s industrial past. The building’s white facade and swath of orange coloring embody classic elements of Scandinavian design, which traditionally places emphasis and value on light during dark Nordic winters.

Please join us for wine and snacks and meet the architect who gave shape to Solo Lofts.

When: Saturday, September 13th 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Chris Pardo Design
Solo Lofts 2041 NW 57th St, Loft 103

September at Annie's Art & Frame FeaturesTargeted Therapy by Teresa Ettel

Teresa Ettel loves all things old, worn, beautiful
- or maybe not so beautiful – and with the
possibility to create something that tells a story.
Teresa fell in love with collage and assemblage
after a friend gave her a book displaying the works of Joseph Cornell, an early 20th century collage and assemblage artist. As a self-taught artist who has explored many mediums, collage has become her most satisfying form of artistic expression.

When creating a piece, Teresa often starts with one image, specific paper or item that sparks a memory, a yearning, a wish, or simply a desire to create something aesthetically pleasing. Or, conversely, she will seek out images to express what is on her mind or in her heart.

Antique and vintage photographs, magazines, books and miscellaneous ephemera are almost exclusively used. The feel and texture, the colors and patina, and the antiquated imagery are appealing and satisfy the sentimentality Teresa feels.

Targeted Therapy is a visual diary inspired by her breast cancer diagnosis on Sept 27th, 2013. The
diagnosis, followed by chemotherapy, radiation, and surgeries, created both positive and emotional
responses. Teresa found artwork using specific images a useful and satisfying way to express her

In gratitude for care received, Teresa will donate
20% of proceeds from sales of the Targeted Therapy
series to Swedish Cancer Institute.

Annie's Art and Frame
2212 NW Market Street

Laurette Chasse and Bill Kaeter featured in September at Blowing Sands

1. to embody or clothe in flesh
2. to give concrete shape or form to
3. to personify or epitomize a principle
4. to grow flesh, as in healing of a wound
5. the color of a rose

...and "Incarnate": A show of collage pieces and portrait photography by artists Laurette Chasse and Bill Kaeter

Opening reception Saturday, September 13th 6pm-9pm.
Show continues through October 8th.

Blowing Sands Glass Studio
5805 14th Avenue NW
collage, mixed media
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