Doriane Nieburgs Blends Mediums at Blowing Sands for May Artwalk

Doriane Nieburgs adds texture and feeling to the art of felting. Her felted wool vessels have basketry rims and natural embellishments such as beads, feathers, and twigs.  

The show includes her pastel drawings related to her felted vessel designs. Together they demonstrate the transformation from one art form to another, as well as what happens in that transformation from a 3-dimensional object to a more personal 2-dimensional drawing. 

5805 14th Ave NW

Shari Both Trunk Show At La Tienda For May Artwalk

La Tienda is excited to hold a trunk show of local jewelry artist Shari Both of Kenmore.  

Shari is showing a collection of hand-wrapped sterling silver with natural stones necklaces and earrings, guaranteed to delight any mom or mom to be.

La Tienda
2050 NW Market St

Elemental Silver by CatNorth Designs Featured at Domanico Cellars During May Artwalk

Domanico Cellars Winery & Tasting Room will be hosting jewelry artist, Catherine Weigel North of CatNorth Designs. 

Cat creates jewelry out of recycled silver metal clay, sterling silver and natural gemstones. The earth's creative and destructive forces fascinate her. She is inspired by the landscape-altering abilities of glaciers, the serpentine paths of old rivers, the lunar qualities of lava, and the transformational powers of water, fire, wind, and salt. 

Cat creates all of her jewelry in her home studio in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood. More of her work can be seen in her Etsy shop:

Domanico Cellars Winery & Tasting Room
825 NW 49th St

Diana Fakhoury's Jewelry Showcased at Venue during May Artwalk

Diana Fakhoury has loved jewelry since she was a little girl playing with her mother’s jewels. Growing up in the Middle East, her family's home was full of traditional paintings, sculptures and ornaments which gave her an appreciation for handmade goods and an inclination to create. Her Middle Eastern roots are now infused into her aesthetic. 

Diana's path to jewelry design was not a linear one. She began her studies in engineering, but later continued with a degree in Art & Design, practicing woodworking, screen-printing, and painting along the way. 

Designing jewelry perfectly embodies Diana's love for geometry, color, pattern and sculpture.  Expanding her collection at Venue this month, we see in her jewelry geometric and exotic elements combined in a playful yet romantic spirit.

5408 22nd Ave NW

Subtle Beauty by Christy Kruse At Filthy Rich For May Artwalk

Christy Kruse has been studying classical art, traditional and digital photography and videography locally and around the world for more than a decade. She is recognized as an intuitive artist who is able to capture emotion and subtle beauty.

After the sudden passing of her father, she dedicated her work to capture the beauty of life and its most precious moments. Moments that are treasured and cherished—as seen through her eyes and heart and lend an appreciation to the miracles around us.

Portrait of a Flower:
“Flowers have an expression of countenance as much as men or animals. Some seem to smile; some have a sad expression; some are pensive and diffident; others again are plain, honest and upright, like the broad-faced sunflower and the hollyhock.”
Henry Ward Beecher

Christy is available for portraiture, video and fine art commission.
425 445 4122

Filthy Rich of Seattle
5402 22nd Ave NW

Becca Gherardini Shows Bold Paintings at Ballard Station Public House

Andrew L. Parker with RE/MAX Metro Realty hosts artists each month as part of the Ballard ArtWalk. This month he will be at the Ballard Station Public House with Becca Gherardini. 

Artist Statement: 
The moment I decided to become an artist I was drawing a live portrait of my Grandmother, Charlotte, AKA Charlie. She was casually lying back on my parents couch in San Diego, where I’m from. Her eyes were closed as she enjoyed the mid-day, summer breeze and the light shining on her skin. As I sketched the lines and shading of her 82 year old face she told me tales about my ancestors who were artists. I remember drawing her smirk and knowing that little smile was from her enjoyment of sharing time with her granddaughter this way, and the pride she felt of knowing that the creativity will survive in her family. When she looked at what I had drawn she said in an angry tone, “Hey! I don’t look that old” and we laughed. I wish I could find that sketch.

Summer ended and I went back up to San Francisco to continue working on my degree in Design and Fine Art at SFSU. Living in San Francisco for 8 years had a huge impact on my art style as well as the years I spent abroad at school in Europe. I went to High school in Switzerland, where I vastly expanded my world experiences. Then again in college I did a year at a prestigious industrial design school in London, called Brunel. To be honest, it was hard and it just wasn’t for me.   couldn’t wait to get back to the United States and get into some art classes again. I'll never forget my African Art History class at SF State. It was so inspiring to me that I took it 3 times!! I am so lucky to have such supportive parents and family that stand behind me and my creative endeavors.

My style is very distinct. It’s bold, and it keeps getting bigger in size. I like to approach a painting without any clear idea of where it’s going. I am inspired by the mystery, and as the imagery develops before me I am guided to, hopefully, a solid outcome. I believe this is the path to being authentic, and if I don’t have that then I have not been true to myself or the art that I produce. As far as the subject matter goes, I believe I’m just channeling my subconscious and I have a hard time verbally expressing “what it means”.

I primarily use acrylic on canvas because of the sheer size of my work, paint isn’t cheap. I also introduce a variety of mediums such as oil sticks, sand, gold leaf, mica, gels, crackle, found objects, etc… I have the need for texture in my paintings because my technique can often makes things look so flat.

When I'm not painting, I'm either at work framing fine art, or I'm behind my drums making music with my band. Seattle has been really good to me. I've been here for almost 6 years and this is the first time I've shown any of my work. Please enjoy it.

Ballard Station Public House
2236 NW Market St

Ballard High School Students Present Art Show at Ballard Public Library

The Ballard Branch of the Seattle Public Library is hosting an artist’s reception for the Seventh Annual Ballard High School Student Art Show.

Come enjoy fresh perspectives. Student artists will be on hand with their artwork, including paintings, sculpture, photography and video productions.

Light refreshments will be provided. This event is co-sponsored by the Ballard High Arts Boosters. The art show will be on display until Saturday, May 18, 2013 at the Ballard Branch.

Student Artists for 2013

Frank Airey
Magan Bouriot
Troy Brasel
LeBron Castleberry
Spencer Chandler
Rowan Callahan

Jordan Hodgekiss
Ania Filimonov
Sophia Herrmann
Summer Gnoinsky

Katie King
Martina Kozber
Alyssa Ledgerwood
Lauren Lee

Julia List
Jade Lyon

Emma Maier
Brian Marassi

Maleah Metz
Phoenix Mosler
Esther Nelson
Remy Olivier Robin

Hanako Osuga
Samantha Proctor
Liana Seglins
Robin Thomas
Gerson Tschider
Tian Qing Yen
Maya Veneske
Lucy Williams

Ballard Branch - Seattle Public Library
5614 22nd Ave NW

Lucky Dry Goods Goes Western

The third Ballard Art Walk event at Lucky Dry Goods will be Western style, featuring live music by Evening Bell, a local country duo featuring Hart Kingsbery and Caitlin Sherman.

Hart is the gravel-throated, guitar-slingin' singer and songwriter of Fin Records recording artists and local honky tonk heroes, Davidson Hart Kingsbery. Caitlin is his foil, a soulful pianist and chanteuse in her own right. They're the contemporary Kris and Rita (or Gram and Emmylou) of Seattle. Lucky Dry Good's house DJ, Dusty Drapes, will be spinning plenty of tear-in-your-beer country classics, all on vinyl. There will be an extensive collection of rare and vintage Western wear on display & for sale.

Lucky Dry Goods
5424 Ballard Ave NW

Garet Wolfe Brings Vivid Photographs to Savour

Garet Wolfe is originally from Fullerton, California and has spent most of his life creating art in one form or another – from music to printing to building Tiki bars. Garet picked up a camera again, inspired particularly by the digital revolution of the 21st century, and has been producing original photography ever since.

Buoyed by a certificate program at the University of Washington, Garet has been inspired to work in an increasingly complex and interesting way with all types of subjects. While many photographers lamented the passing of the darkroom, Mr. Wolfe can successfully build upon the solid foundation of traditional techniques, elevating his work to the next level with all manner of digital mastery.

“I like to make things look better than they do in real life. Softer, more colorful, even dreamlike,” says Garet when asked about his intentions. This comes across vividly in his marvelous work prompting the question, “how did he do that?” A fan recently remarked that his work is simply magical.

Garet lives in Greenwood with his wife and collie.

2242 NW Market Street

Gordon Lambert Connects The Act of Reading With The Reader at Art & Soul

Art & Soul is pleased to be showing works on paper by Gordon Lambert for the month of May.  

Working with pencil and paper Gordon enjoys drawing letters, words, alphabets and blocks in text.  Combining these elements has led to an exploration of the act of reading and what it might take to depict the mind/eye connections and processes involved.

Also included in this show will be a few pieces showing aspects of television, baseball, small aircraft and local landscapes as subjects.

Art and Soul
2860 NW Market Street
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