Celebrate Pi Day on the March ArtWalk 3.14

Lots going on for the March Second Saturday ArtWalk on 3.14 - need we say Pi Day? To celebrate, Monster Art and Clothing will be serving pie, along with Braden Duncan's paintings.
There's a new venue to visit, new to Ballard and the ArtWalk, with the addition of Miew Foods Asian Pantry, located on 22nd under Kickin' Boots Whiskey Kitchen. And the long awaited Pie Bar is finally open on Market Street. Not part of ArtWalk yet, but it IS Pi Day! Enjoy.

Art Chix has Group Show at BallardWorks in March

The Alchemy of Art and Community

Art Chix is a group of eight women artists who have gathered monthly for the past 15 years with a goal of creating community and feedback for artistic growth.
Members include Sheryl Westergreen, Rosanne Olson, D. Lisa West, Patricia Belyea, Cary Pillo, Anna Rhodes, Nancy Jenkins, Cynthia Hartwig and Dana Nunnelly.

Each month the members decide on a new theme (a word, phrase, poem, etc) which they turn into art over the ensuing month. There are no rules except creative expression. The results, are paintings, poems, photography, songs, short stories, even quilts. The idea is to plumb the depths of the creative self. The work from this group has led to books, exhibits, even new careers, and a sense of empowerment for all involved.  Many of the pieces will be shown at the Ballardworks artist studios in Seattle on Saturday, March 14 from 6-9 p.m.
2856 NW Market Street

Meet David Smith at Artist Reception at Blowing Sands Glass Studio in March

"Heather" glass wall art by David Smith
Meet the artist and see new glass wall art by David Smith this month at Blowing Sands Glass Studio.  David Smith was introduced to the art of glass blowing while studying for a degree in Materials Science and Engineering at M.I.T.   After graduating in 1983 he returned to Seattle and worked as a glass blower for 4 years.  In 1987 he left for 5 years of travel which included living and working with artists in Finland, Germany, France, and Ireland.  He returned to Seattle in 1992 and established his own studio hot shop in Ballard.  His work is an extension of his technical background in glass science and his love of the traditions and history of glass blowing throughout the world.
Blowing Sand Glass Studio
5805 14th Avenue NW

Market Street Shoes Features the Work of David Wynne for the March ArtWalk

"Earlier in my career the prominent focus was as a sculptor working in non precious materials, lead, cast iron, wood and veneers, cast concrete, bees wax, and hydro-stone, while painting and drawing exclusively in encaustic paint, charcoal, and graphite pigment on papers, plaster panels, and shaped objects. During that time I was showing works in Soho, NYC, Brooklyn and Long Island, NY and New England.
My early work was hard edged, title-less, architectural, and aligned with a New York, east coast, urban minimalist bent. Today, as an 18-year resident of Seattle I consider myself a permanent North Westerner.

In the resurgence of my current work  it  is made by the use of charcoal, graphite pigments, egg tempera, on paper and plaster or gesso treated wood panels, and stone ...materials, I have always been accustom to employing. The marks, and images are less urban or hard-edged. The imagery has been replace with equally dense fields of material formally, creating more amorphic, spacial avenues, more intimate, organic, visions rooted in allegory, while titles are at times fleeting thoughts, or fragmented dialog - conversations, and metaphoric references."
Market Street Shoes
2232 NW Market Street

New Venue Miew Foods Asian Pantry Hosts Ceramics and Pottery by 3 Artists for March ArtWalk

Cabbage Bowl, Slipcast Porcelain, original model is a glass piece made during the Great Depression.  By Michelle Ting

See the handbuilt pottery of Heather Wireman, functional ceramics by Brianna Fox, the the work of Michelle Ting. Miew Foods Asian Pantry is located underneath Kickin' Boot Whiskey Kitchen. Welcome to Ballard and welcome to the Second Saturday ArtWalk!
Miew Foods Asian Pantry
5309 22nd Avenue NW

Jonathan Baker featured at Venue for March ArtWalk

The Last Grocery Bag
A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Deign, Jonathan Baker spent the first 15 years of his career as a freelance helmet designer, helping to create some of the most iconic products in that field. The last 3 years have been spent in Twisp, WA, creating his own line of goods under the brand eqpd ("equipped"). Jonathan says, "We are a small and ambitious company helping to re-define American design and manufacturing. Our everyday gear is founded on the principles of using materials appropriately and designing for the similarities between us all. We found that by focusing on what makes us alike, a whole new range of products could be born."

Jonathan and his team are thrilled to be in Washington, where the diversity of people and environments have proven to be a perfect place to create and build their durable, versatile goods that include tote bags like "the last grocery tote" - which Jonathan boasts is strong enough to hold a cinder block (32 lbs.). The current collection also includes wallets and briefcases. All of Jonathan's products are made with military grade hardware and waterproof/stain-proof industrial vinyl - in other words, perfect for the Northwest.
5408 22nd Avenue NW

New Show for March at Sticks and Stones Features 4 Artists

This March, Sticks & Stones Seattle is pleased to present 4 unique artists grappling with the concepts of past and present in their work.

Sculpture artist Lorinda Roland will be showing work for the first time in over a decade including works in bronze, silver, gold, copper and platinum. Many of Roland's works take inspiration from the San Juan Islands, poetry and her experiences as a winner of both the Louis Comfort Tiffany Grant and the Guggenheim Fellowship in the 1960s.

This show will also mark the West Coast debut of collage artist Jay Riggio of New York. Riggio's delicately surreal images play with the concepts of life, death, humor, love and above all; the absurdity of the human condition. Riggio works from discarded books and magazines he salvages himself.

Joining Riggio in the art of bringing new life to old images, Tim Manthey will be presenting his striking mixed media collages this month. Born and raised in the PNW, Manthey mines forgotten vintage media to compel and challenge the imagination with balanced and mindful creations.

Alice Marshall will be returning to the Sticks & Stones Gallery this month to debut her new series of oil-on-wood portraits of the native birds of Oregon. Inspired by Audubon and the color palette of Greek Orthodox art, Marshall has created a series of classic yet definitively modern studies. Marshall also hopes that her portrayal of these species will remind us all to be conscious of their precious existence.

A reception will be held Friday, March 13th from 7-11 pm to celebrate the unveiling of the exhibition and offer viewers the chance to hear from the artists.

Sticks and Stones Seattle
5402 NW 22nd Street

Matt Bazemore is Back with a Show at The Scoop @ Walter's for March and Artist Reception

Matt Bazemore has new paintings at "The Scoop @ Walter's" for March.  The show runs from March 3rd to the 31st.

New Ballard scenes include "Macleod's", "Vera's", and "Fisherman's Shipyard". "Macleod's" has been chosen for the cover of the 2015 Ballard Business Directory.
Other subjects include Eastern Washington landscapes.

Matt will be greeting Ballard Art Walkers on March 14th (2nd Saturday), from 6 to 8 PM. at The Scoop!

The Scoop @ Walter's
6408 32nd Avenue NW
Matt Bazemore
Factory vs. Academy presents B. Wallace Cathey's Hungry Junction: A History of Seattle Diners Exhibition at the Seattle gallery on Saturday, March 14, 2015 at 6pm.

B. Wallace Cathey will be talking with curator Michael Matewauk about her memoir and life working in diners from the Great Depression through the '60's. Photographs and artifacts related to various restaurants throughout Seattle's golden age of dining will be showcased in the gallery.

From Downtown Seattle to Burien and many points between, B. Wallace Cathey has worked in restaurants and diners that are now mostly forgotten in the city's history. With names such as The Huts, El Cenar, and the Ox Bow Inn, Cathey chronicles the various eateries her family operated with the wit and insight of someone who spent decades on the front-line or behind the counter ever-ready with a pot of coffee to top you off.  From the boom of Boeing to post-war changes in dining habits, Cathey evokes a Seattle of blue-collar worker lunches and supper clubber nights on the town that will charm and delight. 

Hungry Junction: A History of Seattle Diners will run from Saturday, March 14th through Sunday, April 26th. Hours: Sat/Sundays 1-5pm.

Factory vs Academy
2220 NW Market Street Suite B01
(under Bop Street Records)

Celebrate Pi Day At Monster with Kittens and Clockwork for March ArtWalk

Celebrate Pi Day at our "Kittens & Clockwork" March Art Walk featuring Braden Duncan! In celebration of 3.14.15 we will be serving pie alongside Braden's paintings of adorable and mischievous black cats. A show not to be missed by kitty and pie lovers alike!

Braden Duncan is an artist and curator by trade, imperfect by choice, and a cog in the machine of human mythology by default. She draws her inspiration from the peculiar minutiae of the human form, symbolism and mythology, the empty spaces left by missing friends, and the intricate elegance created by the convergence of biological and mechanical elements.

She is the co-founder of the Seattle Arts Coalition writer of Art Scene Seattle, a resident artist at Echo Echo Gallery, and a member of the international Red Siren Artist Collective. She lives and works in Seattle; and regularly assists with curating, art installation, event coordination, and marketing for a number of art spaces around the Northwest.

Monster Art and Clothing
5000 20th Avenue NW

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