Many Artists, Many Talents Showing at BallardWorks for June's ArtWalk

2856 NW Market Street

Josh Miles Showing at Kiss Cafe in July

Growing up with a sketch pad and a television, superheroes and video games were and still are an
essential part of my life. Every day I try and do my part to make someones day. However, when I find
some down time, I retreat to the studio to unleash my imagination on to a canvas.
Thus, I try not only in my day to day routine, but through my art to convince my
audience to embrace their inner child and laugh at least once a day.

-Josh Miles

Kiss Cafe
2817 NW Market Street

Seattle Creative Arts Joins the Ballard ArtWalk this July

Seattle Creative Arts will be featuring the work of Stani Meredith.
Stani's approach to painting is best described as "serious play."  
Her paintings bring to life on canvas a world where romanticism and visual poetry join with the urban edge of modern sensibility.  
Her techniques include the use of multiple layers, adding and veiling forms and color, balancing and mixing textural organic backgrounds with shapes, marks and lines.  Stani uses primarily acrylics, which she finds an ideal medium for the application of various experimental techniques.

Born in Burgas, Bulgaria, Stani moved to the US at the age of 19 and currently resides in Seattle.
She studied at the Art Institute of Seattle, privately with Diane Reincke and holds a Master's degree from St. Martin's University.  Stani is a co-founder of Mind Unwind Affiliate and a painting instructor for several painting and creativity programs including Painting on the Vine.  Stani is a member of the International Society of Acrylic Painters.

2601 NW Market Street

Savour Presents the Work of Sarah Ghanooni for the July ArtWalk

From an early age I would look through the art books and be captivated by the colors and movement within the pictures. Monet, Van Gogh, and Picasso were artists who inspired me and influenced my impressionistic style.

 I come from a diverse background of Mexican and Middle Eastern heritage, and that is part of the reason my art and style has so much variety.

I have always been drawn to bold colors and bright lights, which is evident within my work. I use very broad brushstrokes and try not to get caught up in all the little details. Through the brushstrokes of paint I can express what I cannot always say.  Website:

2242 NW Market Street

Paratii Craft Bar Joins July ArtWalk

We Are Way More Than Just a Bar

There are only two art forms that touch all senses.  Cooking and love making.

Real love making.  So intense it makes you feel like having a baby with the love of your life.  It is a daily celebration of giving life.

Cooking, when your heart & soul are into it, the whole experience of preparing the meal and having it with friends, loved ones, guests is also pure passion and a daily celebration of what keeps us alive.

Both, well exercised, make us happy and humble by reminding us of our finitude.  By giving us the zest to live intensely.  They are both a feast for the senses.  The scents, the sounds, images, flavors and textures…all of them…

“Paratii: Food and Drinks Infused with Passion!”

Paratii Craft Bar
5463 Leary Avenue Northwest

indi chocolate and Chocolate Maker Erin Andrews Sweeten the Ballard ArtWalk for the First Time in July

indi chocolate LLC specializes in delicious dark chocolate made in small batches from the beans we personally source from Honduras.  Join chocolate maker Erin Andrews and bring out your inner artist with your own customized box surrounding an indi chocolate bar.

Don’t forget to get your chocolate on too.  indi chocolate also makes chocolate body care, including chocolate lotions, lip balms and sugar scrub.

indi chocolate is a small, family owned business that makes our chocolate right here in Ballard.  indi chocolate loves working with our customers on special orders to make chocolate as individual as you are.

indi chocolate
2325 1/2 NW Market Street (entrance on Shilshole)

Paintings by Ryan Doran Showing at Market Street Shoes for July

"Ryan Doran's paintings fuse the grittiness of the street with the traditional graffiti stencil style, combining paint and paper, darkness and light, music and street ethos to create a mosaic capturing the beauty and urban decay you pass every day.

Studying art in its basic forms and creating print work for the Seattle music scene led to the creation of the layered, intense and intricate work seen today."

2232 NW Market Street

Venue Presents the Paintings of Walter Share for the July ArtWalk

Artist Walter Share has been a painter for 35 years. Through his talents with watercolor, oil and acrylic paints as well as digital (drawn on the computer), he creates images of nature and landscape from the places where he has lived and painted including Seattle, Oregon and Alaska. Watercolor, oils and acrylics are his favorite mediums. 

Walter enjoys the soft edges that permit paintings to change with mood and invite imagination to complete the painting. He also appreciates the ease of digital imagery in creating features with crisp lines and colors like silk screens. 


Through his company, WalterColors, he does his own printing for greeting cards, prints and calendars to get the colors just right. At Venue this month, Walter will be expanding his collection of Northwest cards and matted prints, as well as offering some framed and original works in variety of sizes. Walter will also be on hand during Artalk demonstrating his process.

5408 22nd Avenue NW

Art and Soul Featuring Tim Wistrom for the July ArtWalk

For the month of July, Art & Soul is excited to be showing the art of Tim
Known for his surrealist and incredibly photographic style of
painting, Tim creates scenes of the Pacific Northwest that can be both
charming and fantastic.  

Art and Soul
2860 NW Market Street

In July, Maron Resur is the Featured Artist at Annie's Art and Frame

"Maron Resur grew up in a haunted hollow of a forest down the road from a psychotic park ranger under an abandoned train trestle. Classically trained as a printmaker, Maron has honed her drawing skills and developed a Rembrandt-esque painting style. She has a proclivity for portraiture, often times of herself, friends, and family. Her work is best when her academic training melds with her intuition."
---Research & Development

 "Born in 1979 in Bloomington, Indiana to two artist parents, Maron Resur has spent her whole life closely linked to the art world. During Maron’s childhood, her family home was in the “Kentucky Bottoms” of rural, southern Indiana where she grew up playing with her parents’ old paints and frequently accompanying her father as he traveled for exhibitions and shows throughout the eastern United States. Having done well academically through high school, Maron received full scholarships to several universities. She chose Ball State for the hands-on quality of their Arts program. There, she completed her degree with a major in both Drawing and Printmaking and also completed a minor in Art History, graduating Magna Cum Laude. Since college, Maron has moved away from printmaking and has experimented with bookmaking, woodcuts, and painting. In 2005, she moved to Chicago where she met with a number of successes in her artistic career. In 2006, she was accepted into 15 juried exhibitions, took part in a number of group shows both in Chicago and Washington, DC, and won seven different awards for her work."

After finishing my BFA in Drawing and Printmaking, I found myself without a press and so began teaching myself to paint. The first paintings I did were very large-scale faces, conceived as a group with the intent to show them together. I had a lot of success with that series. It led to some portrait commissions, which I enjoy, but I felt like I always relied too much on “luck” or “talent.” I realized later that this was intuition.
While academic technique and training is indispensable to the illusionary aspects of my work, I don’t feel that a painting is truly complete until I’ve reached the point where academic training leaves off and instinct takes over. My best work is characterized by a harmony between my academic training and intuition; these paintings paint themselves.
My goal is to tell my own story using the most classic and understandable of techniques. I paint with my fingers, feeling out the fleshy contours of familiar faces. My portraits are often dark and moody, rarely facing the viewer eye-to-eye. My self-portraits, however, confront the viewer as the “iconic heroine” of the body of work. While each painting is essentially a reflection of myself, I hope to connect the studio and the soul in a way that speaks honestly of what it is to be human. 

Annie's Art and Frame
2212 NW Market Street

Photography by Abby Inpanbutr at The BalMar in July

As a photographer, I work primarily in film, and my particular favorite is large format black and white photography.

Large format work is rewarding due to its technical challenges, methodical and meditative nature, and physical process.  It is also the basis of documentary and archival photography.  I was fortunate to learn large format photography while studying architecture at the University of Washington, and have not been able to stop doing it since.  The tangibility of film and the darkroom is for me a means and metaphor.

  Living in Ballard gives me the opportunity to observe the maritime landscape on a daily basis, and I am fascinated by the wealth of history here.  As a transplant from central Illinois, this world is entirely new to me.  The waterfront and its structures is one of my favorite subjects to photograph.  

The images shown in this series, Persistent Work, were taken as part of a 4culture funded project to document the maritime industrial heritage of Lake Union and Salmon Bay.  The project focused on three enduring maritime businesses: George Broom’s Sons, Pacific Fishermen Shipyard, and Jensen’s Motorboat Company.  Along with the photographs, oral histories were collected by historian Shelly Leavens.  The project was previously exhibited at the Center for Wooden Boats on South Lake Union.  The project is now in its second phase, and the negatives and histories will be donated to a public archive upon completion. 

The BalMar
5449 Ballard Avenue NW

July at Ballard Metal Arts Studios

Please stop by Ballard Metal Arts Studios and tour artist's studios, view artwork, and enjoy light refreshments.

Ballard Metal Arts Studios
1122 NW 46th Street

Husband and Wife, Cynthia Heino-Smith and David Smith Team Up to Feature Driftwood Creations and Glass Work at Blowing Sands Glass/Laura Frost Gallery in July

Glass and The Beach: 
Driftwood Creations by Cynthia Heino-Smith and Glass Work by David Smith.

Cynthia Heino-Smith

This month’s show features turtles and fish—both in driftwood and in glass— glass sea floats floating and driftwood birds in flight.  David has been making glass art for 3 decades; his wife Cynthia has been working with driftwood for the last couple of years.  They enjoy seeing what each other can discover in the glass/wood.

David Smith

Blowing Sands Glass/Laura Frost Gallery
5805 14th Avenue

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