Umpqua Bank to Feature Art by Alan Fuchs of Fox Art Works for the March ArtWalk

 Art Work by Alan Fuchs of 


 Naturally self taught, my pieces range from humorous illustration to wildlife, landscapes and pet portraiture. My mediums include color pencil, acrylics and oils.

Ancestral Dreams

2032 NW Market Street

Lucky Dry Goods of Ballard to Show Art Work by Sarah Vick for the Second Saturday ArtWalk


5424 Ballard Avenue NW

Photography by Rod Tipton to Show at The Balmar for the Second Saturday ArtWalk in Ballard


Rod Tipton started shooting in the 1980s with his first love, camera wise, a Pentax ME Super. Since then the advent of the digital revolution in cameras, the drop in price and the ease of processing has increased his output a hundred fold. 

 Living in Seattle and his love of music has made shooting live bands a natural direction for his work. But his interest range is much wider. He both loves and shoots industrial and nature themes, and works with shapes to bend the relationship between contexts and subject. He has just begun to show his work and is already attracting notice.  

5449 Ballard Avenue NW

Add Some Statement Pieces of Jewelry to Your Collection by brynnalexis at Filthy Rich of Seattle During the March ArtWalk

Filthy Rich of Seattle is happy to present the work of Brynnalexis for the March Artwalk. 


BrynnAlexis is one-of-a-kind vintage reconstruction jewelry that is unlike anything you've seen before.  Featuring vintage watch gears and found objects, bark, flowers, moss and other natural elements; it is truly Statement Jewelry that's sure to get you noticed.


5402 22nd Avenue NW

Floating Stone Mobiles by Dave Smart On Display at Venue for the March ArtWalk

Dave Smart
 Floating Stone Mobiles

Dave Smart is a local acupuncturist and artist. He explores the limits of balance with natural components in his elegant kinetic sculptures. Using stone, feather, glass and wood he creates finely-tuned contemporary mobiles that are beautiful indoors and out. 

Dave will also collaborate with you to create a custom design to display your own favorite collection of stones.

5408 22nd Avenue NW 

View Collage Art by Kathy Parker at the Ballard Station Public House, Hosted by Andrew Parker of RE/MAX Metro Realty for the March ArtWalk

Kathy Parker

"I was raised in the artistic surroundings of San Francisco and Sausalito, CA and have been a Seattle artist since 1988. I am a Signature Member of the National Collage Society and have won national as well as local awards. My work is in various collections, including Group Health in Tacoma. WA.

In an increasingly high tech and stainless steel world, I hope to add a moment of color, texture, beauty or surprise with my art. I start a collage or fiber piece for the sheer pleasure of seeing how an idea is going to turn out. Often the forms and colors of the materials I use create an unexpected shape, rhythm or atmosphere of their own and result in a picture quite unlike my original concept.


In creating collages I use Asian papers which I usually color with acrylic . I also use "found" papers from published sources and interesting fabrics. I apply the materials on canvas or archival paper background using acrylic medium as the glue. "Collage" is derived from the French verb "coller" meaning to adhere, paste or glue. When the picture is finished, I use UV protective varnish." 

2236 NW Market Street

During the March ArtWalk, Visit Blowing Sands Glass Studio and Find Some Art to Enliven Your Home and Garden

Annual Garden Art Show

Garden Pond Floats, by Lon Clark

This month we are looking to spring for inspiration with our annual show of Garden Art.  This year’s show features work by Janet Fagan, Mary Anne Nagy, sooze bloom deLeon grossman, and David Smith.  A display of paintings and prints, glass yard art and vases bright and inviting as those first crocus buds that are just now coming up!

5805 14th Avenue NW

Start The Spring Season with a Trip to The Scoop at Walter's to See New Paintings by Susan Waite, New for the March ArtWalk

I invite you to celebrate the new season with ice cream, coffee and art at The Scoop at Walter's.  
I am showing neighborhood scenes and Northwestern landscapes during March.

Night at Walter's

 Susan is displaying oils of local businesses beloved by their Sunset Hill and Phinney Ridge communities, along with some landscapes of a painting trip to Montana.  Many of these paintings are begun on site, in the elements.
When not painting outdoors, Susan works in her studio at the Salty Dog Pottery building in Ballard.

Sunrise on the Bitterroot

The Scoop at Walter's
6408 32nd Avenue NW
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