Madeline Owen At Sweet Lily Organic Salon For May Artwalk

Madeline Owen will make another appearance at the Ballard Artwalk in May, this time at Sweet Lily Salon. 

Working in graphite on paper, Owens captures the wild movement in her dynamic illustrations. 

Owens will be joined at Sweet Lily by Alex Olson, a improv jazz pianist. Both Owen and Olson are seniors at Ingraham High School. 

3000 NW Market St

Sophie Gardner At Venue For May Artwalk

This month at Venue come meet the newest studio tenant - jeweler Sophie Gardner. Sophie Gardner’s jewelry creates an aesthetic bridge between ancient and modern worlds. 

She incorporates the intricate details of Spain's Moorish architecture, tiles, arabesques, and portals; the repetitive beauty of East Indian textiles; and the strength and simplicity of Japanese illustration and stencil design. Most recently she has been working with Fossilized Wooly Mammoth ivory and ancient scrimshaw techniques, applying an innovative and a modern approach to prehistoric material.

5408 22nd Ave NW

Waterscapes by Tod Gangler At Art & Soul For May Artwalk

For the May Artwalk, Art & Soul will be showing photographs by Tod Gangler. These are from his series of waterscapes, printed in the beautiful color carbon printing process. 

The viewpoints range from the coast of California to the Brittany coast of France and highlight the common element of land, sea and sky meeting in gorgeous tableaus of color.

Art & Soul
2860 NW Market St

Jeffrey Olson Featured At Bloom For May Artwalk

Jeffrey Olson is an assemblage sculpture artist uses rusted scrap metal and distressed wood as his primary materials. Foraging for these materials is the beginning of the process; never knowing what will be found is exciting and stimulating. Olson is drawn to their shape and texture possibilities and chooses to leave them in the twisted, crushed, deteriorated forms in which they are found, giving his work a raw, primitive feel.

The pieces are seldom preconceived; the inspiration for his work comes from a lifelong interest in mythology, science fiction, primitive religion and psychological archetypes. 

Embryonic Journey

Winter Nude

According to Olson, "Art is fun; the creative process ignites a fire that warms my soul and creates a desire to share that inspiration and joy with the world. Art has the power to inspire, make one laugh, cry and contemplate.That sums up why I create art."

To see more of Olson's work, visit his website: darkmoonstudio

5410 17th Ave NW

Focus on Landscape Show At BallardWorks For May Artwalk

Come and see the landscape in a new light, as the work of four artists show us how they see the world. It is fascinating how different, yet similar, these interpretations of human perception can be. Compare it to your own experience of your senses.

Stephen Gilbert--Abstract Landscape Watercolors
Rosemary Antel--Mountain Portraits in Oil
Amy Pleasant--Landscape Images in Acrylic
Jan Viney--Landscape Photographs

Three floors of art studios and exhibition spaces open for the May Artwalk. Families and kids welcome. Enter through the 1st or 2nd floor doors on 30th Avenue NW. Includes painting, wearable fiber art, lamp worked glass, encaustic painting, jewelry and print making, all under one roof.

2856 NW Market St

Cinnamon Bonikowski's Pixel Paintings At Full Tilt For May Artwalk

Cinnamon Bonikowski is the owner of Rosie’s Gallery Of Amazing Things. The gallery is actually an online presence to sell crafty things Cinnamon does, often with friends. Cinnamon grew up on Lummi Island, which is just outside Bellingham Bay. She has lived in the Seattle area for over a decade and now resides in Redmond with her game-programming husband. 

After staring at 2 large canvases lying around the house, Cinnamon got the idea to make huge pixel art for her husband… and so it began! Since her childhood games were limited to Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog, she brainstorms with her husband and his friends to get more ideas. She loves the idea of bringing sprite art into the high art world. You can find Cinnamon and Rosie at many nerdy conventions around the Seattle area. 

To find out more about Rosie’s GOAT check out:

Full Tilt
5453 Leary Ave NW

Birds By Wendy Wees Shows At Umpqua Bank's Gallery For May Artwalk

"Birds",  this month's show of oil paintings by Wendy Wees at the Umpqua Bank Gallery, is a charming collection of avian characters that are fascinating and beautifully whimsical.

Wendy Wees is a Seattle artist whose work has been featured in the Seattle Art Museum's quarterly publication.

Umpqua Bank
2032 NW Market St

H2O Shows In Umpqua Bank's Lobby For May Artwalk

In the Umpqua Bank Lobby for May, the 54th St Atelier presents "H2O", diverse painted views and reflections of water in Seattle, on earth and other places by atelier members.  

Entertainment this month will be provided by the bluegrass band Right as Rain, performing at 6:30pm and 8:00pm.  Check them out on Facebook:  Right as Rain with the guitar and boots icon.

Umpqua Bank
2032 NW Market St

Keely Dolan and Aerialist Susy Q At Monster Art & Clothing For May Artwalk

Come check out Keely's collection of haunted and evil owls for her May artwalk showing of "The Owls are Not What They Seem".

Keely Dolan is an artist currently living in the Seattle area. She specializes in the mediums of scratchboard and watercolor. She holds a BFA in Illustration from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and an MFA in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

Keely draws her inspiration off of her interest in Jungian symbolism, subconscious thought, and dreams. She is influenced by other atmospheric symbolism-heavy artists, such as William Blake, and Rosaleen Norton.

To see more of Keely's work, visit her website:

Our May aerial performer is the talented Susy Q! DJ Jessie Beans will get the party rockin' and Monster-ettes Tara and Amanda will be your hosts and keep our yummy snack table well stocked!

Monster Art & Clothing
5000 20th Ave NW 

Spilled Ink: Music and Art Night Saturday At Ballard Library

The Ballard Library is hosting Spilled Ink: Music and Art Night! (For the last 7 years known as Ballard High School Student Art Show.) The event will be after hours at the Ballard Branch Library, Saturday May 3, 6 – 9 p.m. 
The Music Show will be free and feature Ballard High bands: Ballard Ukelele Club, Ian Gwinn, Ghetto Blaster and No, Not Really. The art show features Ballard High School INK Magazine artists and writers on display at the Ballard Library 4/27 – 5/10. 

Here is a not quite definitive list of Ballard High Students whose work has contributed to this show: 

Visual Artists: Amedeo Alberio, Emily Anderson, Isabelle Bennett, Moira Boszko, Annabelle Bowman Mohn, Sophie Chace, Spencer Chandler, Nigel Gardiner, Jessica Gislason, Ellen Heile, Kendra Johnson, Delaney Kirchmeier, Catie, Knauerhase, Alicia Ledgerwood, Chelsea Leingang, Naomi Moore, Mallery Perry, Lauren Peterson, Cami Pierson, Leo Rauf, Chloe Soejime, Stella Sohl, Tashi Tsering, Hannah Tyler, Alan Will   

Musicians: Ballard Ukelele Club members, Sean Adair, Noah Forslund, Ian Gwinn, Jack Taylor, Will Grousingr, Evan Sarantinos, George Sarantinos Writers: Emily Alexander, Eliot Bailey, Sanuye Ford, Catie Knauerhase, Taylr Scott 

Ballard Library Teen Advisors: Greta Rainbow, Cami Pierson, Zoe Mitchell, Maddy Hallett, Vegas Storm, Maddy Brown, Ailsa Hendry, Forrest Hsu, Maya Franklin, Gianna Barbadillo, Tony Cooper, Tyler Robbins-Lindford 

Brought to you by Ink Magazine, Jeff Calderwood, Advisor & Cami Pierson, Editor & Ballard Library Teen Advisors 

For more information contact Lynn Miller, Teen Services Librarian, Ballard Library. #206-684-4089
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