November 12 ArtWalk Locations

Building C (Artist Studios)

1148 NW Leary Avenue
(1 Block North of Leary on 14th, Banner marks entrance)

Take this opportunity to visit the open studios of twenty-four professional artists, including: Carol Mallett Adelman, Ben Brackin, Andree Carter, Steve Costie, Diane Culhane, Sue Danielson, Michael Dickter, Louise Durocher, Robert Hardgrave, Virginia Howlett, Mary Iverson, Terry Leness, Mike (Mikela) Naylor, Piper O’Neill, AJ Power, Patricia Ridenour, Sarah Savidge, Robin Siegl, Jennifer Stenhouse, Gillian Theobald, C.L. Utley, Margaret Watson, Lilly West and Junko Yamamoto.

We apologize for
incorrectly placing this venue on our quarterly map. Please note that Building C is located south of NW Market Street, just above Leary Way.

November ArtWalk Venues

Root. Integrative Health
2026 NW Market Street, Suite 201

Pursuing a path guided by faith and intuition, Brian Bacungan moved to Seattle from Kaneohe, Hawaii last September to develop himself as an artist and find his spiritual center. He utilizes meditation as a tool to wholly connect with his art, thus enabling his true inner-world to flow through. Brian describes his art as a spontaneous, intuitive expression of his thoughts and emotional energy. His perception of the natural flow of energy and its interaction with the physical world is a subject which heavily influences every piece he makes.

2856 NW Market Street

Stop in and welcome two new artists to the building: jewelry designer Denise Brumberg and print and collage artist Marcia Douglas. Both of their studios are open for visitors during the ArtWalk.
Also featuring a group show of work in paint, fiber, tile, encaustic and print by artists Marcia Douglas, Jennifer Nerad, Carl Chew, Jay Lazerwitz, Liza Halvorsen, Betty Jo Costanzo, Larry Halvorsen, Stephen Gilbert, Rosemary Sylvanus Antel, Lisa Snow Lady, and Nate Stottrup.

The Scoop at Walters

6408 32nd Avenue NW

Maria Reid presents paintings in acrylic and oil inspired by years of living and studying in Asia.

Sev Shoon Arts Center

2862 NW Market Street

Join long time Sev Shoon member Bobbi Pearce for a demonstration on Polyester Plate Lithography and see work-in-progress on her latest series of prints Flirting with Reality. Each of these prints is developed using 10 to 12 plates. Plus, sign up for any class or workshop during the ArtWalk and SAVE 10% off registration fees.

Artists for November ArtWalk

Velouria Boutique
2205 NW Market Street

Stop in and see new art by painter Alan Hurley, whose new series is bright and bold, blending animals with geometric backdrops. Plus a trunk/gift show with two local brands. Select your favorite sweatshirt with a cute sea life applique, a silk screened notebook covers, wallet or cool scarf from R&L goods. Or pick something from Wooly Bison's cute yet incredibly functional line of wool bags and wallets, as well as a new collection of waxed canvas backpacks.

Three Girls Bakery

6209 15th Avenue NW

This month the their salon presents Warm Up to the Holidays, a group show featuring Candis Bergerson, Rebecca Ellison, Diana Federighi, Eve Ingraham, Atarah Levy, Louisiana Levy, Janine Manners and Mary McKee.

Nightingale Gallery
2215 NW Market Street

After extensive design training, Pittsburgh native J. Craig Thorpe moved to Seattle where he started his own architectural illustration business. While his ink and water color renderings have interpreted design concepts for countless NW clients, Thorpe is known nationally for his oils of contemporary railroad themes. Amtrak used his painting of the Olympia, WA station on its 1993 national corporate calendar, opening the door to dozens of railroad commissions for noted clients such as Union Tank Car Co., General Electric and the White Pass & Yukon Route in Alaska. Recent Amtrak commissions include the Centennial paintings for Washington, DC Union Station and Glacier National Park. For the last 16 years, Thorpe has produced yearly calendar art for Alaska Marine Lines, the maritime company shipping barges of containers to Alaska. He also specializes in iconic NW scenes. Thorpe is primarily a landscape painter and even his industrial commissions set the subjects in their unique settings. Says the artist, " The haste, cynicism and expediency of our age has blurred an ability to see beauty. These images help people refocus." He combines a technical accuracy with a painterly style evoking an emotional response from the viewer: "That painting makes me want to be right there!"

Firehouse Coffee
2622 NW Market Street

Artist of the Mind, Life, Fine Form and Figure. “Art is everywhere you look and in everything you do.” This show relates to simply the world of wonders the artist sees, feels and captures. His work
consists of one to nine photographic images merged into one, which goes through many artistic and technical adjustments and cleanings. A typical image can take up to 10+ hours to refine and produce, creating Thomas G. Whipple Fine Art Photography with a Twist. One that captures details, colors and shades that single images miss. Composition and concept are high priorities in the creation of Whiple's images. Embedded in some of my images are concepts, which can appear in the form of stories and personal philosophies, hidden symbols or figures.

5408 22nd Avenue NW

Venue studio artist Lynn Cameron has been a photographer for ten years. Having traveled to thirty countries around the globe, her work captures the essence of places she's visited. This exhibit showcases a new line of photo-encaustics - a unique method incorporating original photographs, layers of beeswax, and other materials. Just back from Europe, Cameron includes her most reacent photos from Germany, France, Austria and the Czech Republic.

November ArtWalk Artists

Filthy Rich of Seattle
5402 22nd Avenue NW

Showcasing the work of Mindie Willson McDonnell who developed her sense of style way back when while working in such fine jewelry shops as Nielsen's and Bender's Jewelry. Her passion includes the love of color and luminescence in opals and gemstones, which is reflected in her most contemporary resin originals. Resin is a fabulous medium, and McDonnell has developed her own mark with color and sparkle in these individual paintings that embody a spiritual essence. They are light to wear and bring light into a focal point that says, this is original, like the spirits who don them!

La Tienda
2050 NW Market Street

The temperatures have dropped so stop in and warm your fingers and toes with a pair of gloves or socks. Or find a new scarf and hat. Created with wool from Peru, Bolivia, India, as well as recycled wool from the US, they're bound to keep you warm all winter.

5449 Ballard Avenue NW

Seattle artist
Joshua Gosovich paints with a somewhat whimsical and morbid sense of life. His subjects range from Day of the Dead imagery to haunting houses in surreal landscapes and few things between.

Market Street Shoes
2232 NW Market Street

In 1966, Terry John Pratt saw the movie Blow-Up, an English film about a studio photographer. Inspired, he purchased a Kodak folding camera and started shooting pictures. While still in his teens, Pratt met NW photographer Mary Randlett, who is still taking pictures and is an inspiration at the age of 86. He worked for another (iconic) local photographer, Chuck Kuhn, during the 1980s, where he was introduced to the commercial side of photography. Pratt now returns to photography after 30 years away. When he left it was all about D76, Tri-X film, Polaroids, darkrooms and thermometers. Now it's all changed and Pratt is so glad to have experienced those earlier days.

Kiss Cafe
2817 NW Market Street

It's a collaboration of two photographers! New Mexican born Miguel Edwards has been a working artist in Seattle for nearly two decades, working primarily as a photographer and painter. His goal is to bring aspects of our lives which are usually subconscious or unacknowledged into the tangible world. Whether working with time-based media, pigment and canvas, wood or metal, intuition, time and chaos are the co-conspirators in his creative process. Edwards is an artist of exploration, placing process above medium, and enjoying the role that a specific location or intention can play in the direction of a piece. He appreciates learning and growing as a result of the challenges that arise in any creation.

Edwards' work resonates with that of his old friend Travis Monroe, who was born and raised in Montana. Though he was only able to spend seven years with his father before his death, it was through him that Monroe learned to love photography. After earning a degree in Graphic Design and touring the country as a truck driver, Monroe returned to Seattle where he works as a web developer, graphic designer and marketing consultant. In his professional career, Monroe spends a lot of time behind a computer screen. So, when getting a chance to shoot photos, he likes to limit his images to what can be captured with just a camera. Whether it’s a twist of the lens as the shutter is released, the use of expired film in a medium format camera with a plastic lens, multiple exposures, or just taking a shot from a unique position, Monroe finds photography a lot more satisfying without using software to produce an image.

Kula Movement
5340 Ballard Ave NW

This Center for Yoga & Health hosts Food as Art this month. Celebrate the season's shift with a boost to your immune system. Our house acupuncturist and nutritionist work alongside Firefly Kitchen to share intelligent and yummy ways to keep healthy this winter. Food samples available!

Venues for November ArtWalk

Great Harvest Bread Co.
2218 NW Market Street

Twenty-one year old photographer Antonio Ysursa was born and raised in Idaho. His passion for photography began when he bought his first camera in high school and realized there was art all around him –in the people and places of home. Over the last five years, Ysursa has been building a body of work using his younger sisters and cousins as subjects. Inspiration drawn from his own childhood strongly affects his photographic approach. Paralleling his own past with the dissipating youth of his family, Ysursa explores the braids of memory, loss, and love. They tell of home and the bonds of blood, ultimately becoming a lamentation and memorialization of youth and its passing.

Suite 300 Skin Care Studio
5424 Ballard Avenue Northwest, #300

Behind the Light: Inside NYC Fashion Week
While on assignment covering 2011 Fashion Week for NYC's The Village Voice, photographer David Wentworth was much more intrigued by the stories behind the scenes than those on the runway. This show takes the viewer beyond the velvet ropes and rows of celebrities into a realm of modern mythology.

In these photos he documents moments of tenderness, trust, jealousy, joy, and ambition in a world known mostly for its shallowness. Each photograph is a story, full of depth. His photographs neither glamorize nor exploit, but elevate feminine mystique. He finds moments of peace in backstage chaos, as well as times of turmoil and humor.

These images are not only fascinating and beautiful, they are technically masterful.
Every piece teeters on the edge of chaos and symmetry. His camera finds deep perspective and always, perfectly defined intention.

Ballard Woodworks Art Collective
1807 NW Dock Place

Painting - Woodwork - Sculpture - Design
Featured artists include: Ann Vargas, Art Lockwood, Diana Friend, Eric Holder, Gabe Strand, Gudrun Onkels, Hillary Garrett, Jeanie Lewis, Keith Murakata, Kenna Stout, Kimberly Miller, Kira Chelemedos, Kree Arvanitas, Lisa Strom, Maya Vajra, Nicolle Johnson, Rachel J.E. Sprague, Rita Moore and Slab Art.

November ArtWalk Venues

Annie's Art & Frame
2212 Northwest Market Street

, founded by Lynette Huffman Johnson, celebrates the lives of children and parents facing life-threatening conditions by providing professional photographs, free of charge, of these special individuals and their families. The life-affirming photographs of Soulumination are an enduring, positive record of the child's brief life, and provide a loving legacy for the children of parents lost to terminal illness.

Art & Soul
2860 NW Market Street

Showing Marbles, a new series of photographs by Tod Gangler. The exhibit features images of Greek sculpture beautifully handprinted as Color Carbon Prints. Made in this rare and painterly photographic printing process, the marbles glow and shimmer. This is their last show for 2011, so be sure to come by and visit!

Blowing Sands Glass Studio
5805 14th Avenue NW

Can't wait? This Holiday Preview Show features great work by local glass and pottery artists. David Smith's glass work is luminous and colorful and includes some especially fun items inspired by the ocean--starfish, urchins, octopii and vibrant coral-inspired fan shells. Julie deRouche's pottery is green-leafy, warm and hand friendly. Artist Ken Mingeaud is coming back to painting after working in several other mediums, with abstracts related to sky and earth. Art perfectly suited for gift-giving or to brighten your own home.

Habitude Salon & Spa
2801 NW Market Street

Cha Davis paints portraits of mostly hens, mostly hers. Her lush acrylics, often adorned with beads and embroidery silk, are totems to the Underdog's Underdog. Her paintings evoke artifacts of a world in which these mystical creatures are given their due. Davis began her long creative life as a member of the seminal 70s theater group, Ze Whiz Kidz and later performed internationally in bands ranging from pop to blues to trip hop. She began painting late last century, but it wasn't until a chicken crossed her path while walking her dog that she found her muse. This showing is the first unveiling of all her 'girls'.
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