Blowing Sands Glass Studio Seconds Sale

Every February Blowing Sands Glass Studio pulls together the previous year's experiments, samples, and various extras for our annual seconds sale. It fills the gallery with colorful, eclectic shapes reflecting the bright imaginings of the glass artists at work. 

Every pedestal and shelf has something interesting and unique to offer.  A "treasure hunt" show!

Blowing Sands Glass Studio
5805 14th Ave NW

Travel To Japan With Dan Chairs at Umpqua Bank in February

For the month of February, Umpqua Bank is hosting the work of Dan MacDonald, a Seattle based photographer. Utilizing a mix of analog and digital photography he enjoys documenting the world around him and loves to seek out the overlooked.  

This series of photos is from his trip to Japan summer of 2013 where he roamed around the southern part of the country for a couple weeks.

Umpqua Bank
2032 NW Market St

Patina Resin Collection Showcased At Venue For February

At Venue this month we are featuring jewelry artist Erika Laureano. With her current Patina Resin Collection, her focus is on texture, color and found objects captured with resin. Within the line there is an array of necklaces, earrings, statement cuffs and rings.

Copper, brass, sterling and gold are embossed for texture then married with color, which is created through various patina recipes that Erika has experimented with over the years. Finally, it's all captured with clear resin and sometimes you might find tiny objects suspended in the process (glass balls, bronze cast coral, plastic tiny bubble balls.). The organic colors that surface through the patina process, combined with Erika's bold cutting edge designs allow for a unique one-of-a-kind style of jewelry.

5408 22nd Ave NW

The Venus Show At BallardWorks For February Artwalk

Ten Seattle area artists are showing at BallardWorks this Saturday, February 8th (6-9 pm) and again on March 8th. Two public showings/ receptions fill the walls with landscapes, figures, and still life paintings—including special paintings that celebrate feminine and masculine love and beauty based on the famous sculptures of the Venus de Milo and Adonis. Mentored by Barbara Fugate, these artists present a variety of voices with individual approaches. 

detail of a painting by Moreen Spracklin, oil on canvas, 2014

2856 NW Market St

Ryan Henry Ward Lights Up Monster For February Artwalk

Monster is very excited to welcome for the first time, the infamous art of Ryan Henry Ward! Ryan's artwork can be seen all over the city of Seattle and is quickly spreading to other parts of Washington (even other states!). If you look for the "henry" signature, you'll find his art in Wallingford, Ballard, Sodo, Capitol Hill and other neighborhoods. With his loyal dog Merlin by his side, Ward is emblazoning his whimsical art all over the city. His quirky characters and creative use of colors has gotten him recognized as one of Seattle's most prominent artists.

For February Ballard Art Walk we are welcoming back one of our favorite aerial performers: Sarah May aka Goody Goody! 

She will be twisting and twirling up in her silks. DJ Jessie Beans will get the party rockin, and whimsical fun will be had by all. Come by and meet our featured artist in person, and take home a piece of his work for yourself.

Monster Art & Clothing
5000 20th Ave NW 
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