Horseshoe Shows Photographer Marlin Greene in January

Marlin will be featuring his most recent collection of photographs of the Kiger Mustangs. These beautiful mustangs are the oldest horses in North America--brought to our country over 400 years ago by the Spanish. Their story is as compelling as the images that Marlin has captured.  Come pay witness to an American Legend.

The story of the Kiger Mustangs:
The band of twenty-seven horses discovered by the BLM(bureau of land management) in the Beatys Butte wilderness of eastern Oregon in 1977 was the last group to be found that are so true to type -- the last of the Spanish "special forces horses" that had come to the Americas in the 1600s. When the BLM moved the herd to two management areas -- Kiger Creek and Riddle Mountain -- where they could be protected and developed, they insured short-term that the Kigers would survive. Now there are precious few of these unique, pure and top class examples of the Spanish origin horses left. There are less than 200 in the wild in the BLM areas. Maybe twice that number that are viable breeders, pure and top class, exist in captivity (excluding the geldings). These horses are endangered by situation if not by government designation.

5344 Ballard Avenue NW
Kiger Refuge

January has Jerry Kaufman at Venue

Jerry Kaufman is a third generation photographer and wartime soldier. The theme of his body of work is Images of Renewal - new beginnings that create a sense of healing and well-being in the viewer. He makes photographs in the spirit of the Impressionists and strives to create a painterly feel in his images - whether in nature or urban settings. His creative collaborations with innovative printmakers allow the viewer to be intimate with his images without barriers. New releases from his Urban Collection will be unveiled at the January Ballard Art Walk at Venue.

5408 22nd Avenue NW

Miro Tea Hosts Conor Musgrave in January

"I began photography in earnest in early 2012. Taking photos had never been a struggle for me; I love trying to capture the beauty in a spontaneous moment. The fear of sharing them with the rest of the world was a struggle so I decided, every day for a consecutive 365 days, I would contribute something new. I started working initially with just my iPhone. I progressed in my photography and shifted to my first DSLR. Now 2 years later it has become a significant focus in my life and I hope to continue to share my adventures and the moments I encounter with the rest of the world."  

5405 Ballard Avenue NW

Julie deRouche at Blowing Sands Glass Studio for January

The gallery is filled with beautiful pieces by potter Julie deRouche.  She uses a soft green palette to bring an almost patina-ed effect to the pieces.  Each is hand built, unique, and a perfect fit for a country kitchen, outdoor garden party, or to compliment a ceramics collection.  A large variation of pieces are on display:  Bowls, bells, platters, mugs, pitchers, and teapots.

Blowing Sands Glass Studio
5805 14th Avenue NW

BallardWorks Exhibits New Work by Tenants and Friends for January

Feast your eyes on delightful art by our tenants and friends of tenants. A colorful variety of media, subjects, colors and styles makes for a lively and rewarding viewing experience on 3 floors of exhibit spaces and open studios.
2856 NW Market Street

Sticks and Stones Seattle Presents Christian Lucas in January

Sticks & Stones Seattle is proud to present Christian Lucas as our artist in residence for January 2015. Mr. Lucas is an exceptionally talented photo-realistic artist and his exhibit will explore using re-purposed materials as his canvas. This forces the viewer to ask: What is waste and is it necessary? What is my role in creating waste in this world and how can I recycle materials to build a more beautiful world, not just ecologically but artistically?

Sticks and Stones Seattle
5402 NW 22nd Street

The Scoop at Walter's Hosts Celia Bowker in January

Monk and Dog

Visit Walter's on 32nd to view 3 large gouache on paper paintings by Celia Bowker.
The Monk focusses on her own purity, while a dog, throbbing with organic life, attends her.

The Scoop at Walter's
6408 32nd Avenue NW
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