Dave Ryan and Carlos Valdez Debut at Full Tilt

Dave Ryan was born and bred in the wet dank forests of Washington State. He began stenciling in the spring of 2006 and started to refer to himself as the Manticore.

He had lost most of his fine motor funtions and used stenciling as both a means to regain the use of his hands and as his sole income.

The Manticore has since made a full recovery, and his unique blend of silly pop art can be found in coffee shops, wateringholes, and at Seattle's Freemont Sunday Market.

Carlos Valdez presents this series of collages, which highlights the figures from his childhood in magazines and on Saturday morning TV. 

Literally, larger than life, throughout a wrestler’s career there are ups and downs. They were role models…sometimes a villain then good, bad, or indifferent. Right and wrong, ambiguity is fluid as we age but shocking and polarizing in our youth. Carlos cuts audio in real time on each collage, all playable on your turntable.

Full Tilt 
5453 Leary Ave NW

The Encore Carnival Rolls Into Blowing Sands In Time For Saturday's Artwalk

Blowing Sands Glass Studio and Laura Frost Fine Arts Gallery are pleased to present a show by assemblage artist Rhonda Williams-Parent. 

According to Williams-Parent, “This show is a mixture of the follies and the freaks from the vintage carnival scene. I am calling it an encore carnival because all the bits and parts in my assemblages and collages are getting an second opportunity to strut their stuff, as carnival characters.  The fat lady, the fortune teller and the mermaid girl have been created to enable the show to go on, ....again.”

Blowing Sands Glass Studio/Laura Frost Fine Arts Gallery
5805 14th Ave NW

Textile Artist Nan Yurkanis Showing At Art & Soul During Artwalk

Art & Soul will be showing original quilts and prints from local artist NanYurkanis in a show titled "Golden Days". 

Along with these beautiful and vibrant quilts be sure to check out Nan's greeting cards and Journals which are beautiful and unique!

Art & Soul
2860 NW Market St

La Tienda Honors Dia de los Muertos in October

It's time for La Tienda's Annual Dia de los Muertos, Days of the Dead, altar and exhibit.  A great way to celebrate October with a sugar skull by local artist Happy Time Acopalypse,  papel picado (banners) to decorate your home, or a figurine for your altar.

La Tienda Folk Art Gallery
2050 NW Market St

Balmar Presents Ariel Rainier Marvin and Vampire Dictator Mina with DJ GYP CHI for October Artwalk

Ariel Rainier Marvin was born in Seattle and raised on the East Coast and Midwest and has been in Seattle for the past 7 years. Acrylic on canvas is his medium with a gritty pop art style. He can be reached on deviant art or at arielrainier@yahoo.com.

Vampire Dictator Mina has been an artist since the early age of 5. "Everything I learned, I learned from my father, John F. Draper." John Draper was an art teacher at local art studios in California and also at the Veteran's Association in Reno, NV. "My father would take my dog and I to the park with his paints and canvas. People would crowd around us watching the brilliance of my fathers' work. I was so proud of him, I used to tell people, 'Hey! That's my dad!'"

Strictly working with acrylics, just like good ol' dad, Vampire Dictator's work is a far cry from the nature styles of her father. "I like to paint my dreams, my fantasies and my fears, but mainly, I have to get it out of my system. Cry it out onto the page, canvas or whatever medium I am working with." Vampire Dictator Mina has donated many of her pieces to churches, local motorcycle clubs and schools for charity." When I am asked to donate, I am happy to work within the boundaries of that organization's needs. It is quite rewarding to know that my gift can make a positive difference."

GYP CHI (aka Jittania Smith) is a DJ and producer from Seattle, WA. Long before she pursued working as a DJ, Smith played percussion for Washington Middle School and Garfield High. In her spare time, Smith was influenced by many styles of music ranging from Moby and Thievery Corporation to Jimi Hendrix, The Orb, Bjork and RJD2. While pursuing a degree in Marine Biology at Brown University, Smith discovered her passion for electronic music production in an elective Computers & Music course. A year later, in 2012, Smith was given the opportunity to pursue her DJing skills internationally while traveling on a working visa in Australia. Upon her return to the States last fall, Smith made the switch from CDJs to Technic 1200s and Serato, and has been hooked ever since. Smith enjoys mixing a wide array of genres, ranging from 80's and 90's pop, disco and old school hip hop to modern reggaeton, electrohouse, trap, soul and glitch hop. She also loves any opportunities to collaborate with others, and is always looking for other musicians and artists to practice and perform with.

To hear a sample: https://soundcloud.com/gypchi/balmar-october-2013-promo-mix

5449 Ballard Ave NW

Gage Atelier Students Exhibit at BallardWorks Saturday

Students from the Gage Atelier programs will exhibit their current body of work during Saturday's Artwalk.

Junk Drawer by Daisy Mazzoncini

Gage Academy of Art is celebrating more than 20 years as a vibrant extended learning and contemporary art center, providing community based artistic development for artists of all ages and abilities. 

Running from September through June each year, three Ateliers at Gage provide serious artists the opportunity to work and study in a stimulating, communal environment under the guidance of master teaching artists Gary Faigin, Mark Kang-O'Higgins and Juliette Aristides. 

2850 NW Market St

Mixed Media Artist Jeni Nelson Showing at Venue for October Artwalk

Venue’s featured artist for October is mixed media artist Jeni Nelson. After receiving a BA in Fine Art from George Fox University in Oregon, Jeni spent four years living in France working on her art and being influenced by French design sensibilities and the lovely days spent in her the brightly-lit covered balcony that was her art studio above a boulangerie. 

Back in the Seattle area she has been pursuing wedding photography and floral design, but has also been expanding her mixed-media art. In speaking about her current collage series, Jeni says, “I love detail and pretty things, and of course I will never forget my shaping experiences in France. You will see these loves represented in my work.”

5408 22nd Ave NW

Paintings By Mike Cooper Showing At Savour During October Artwalk

SAVOUR presents the art of Mike Cooper in October. 

Mike resides on the Delmarva Peninsula and his primary focus is with psychological movement, strong color, spontaneity, brightness, painterly brushstrokes, decorative patterns, and fleeting moments. We have on display several of his pieces that show his love of vibrant colors and flowers.

2242 NW Market St

Day of the Dead as Photographed by Charles Moses Showing at Umpqua Bank in October

Charles Moses has been a portrait photographer for over 25 years with Yuen Lui Studio.  

These images are from his 5th trip to document Tucson AZ “Day of the Dead Celebration”. The event has a long tradition involving the Tucson community acknowledging their deceased loved ones.

Umpqua Bank
2032 NW Market St

Amy Hamblin Art and School Board Candidate Sue Peters at Spark Studio During October Artwalk

Two worlds come together at Spark Studio during Artwalk this month. Sue Peters will be present from 5:30-8pm to discuss her position as school board candidate for District IV, representing Ballard, West Phinney, Magnolia, and Queen Anne. Additionally, wire sculpture by Amy Hamblin, will be on display for Artwalk visitors.


SuePeters4SeattleSchoolBoardGeneralSue Peters has been called the reform candidate by some as she favors reducing the school district's reliance on high-stakes standardized testing. She has also received significant endorsements from current school board members, directors and city council members. 

As a public school parent, Sue worked with Cliff Mass to found the Seattle Math Coalition, an advocate for stronger math resources in Seattle Public Schools. She has been actively  involved in the Seattle Public School District for nearly 10 years, as a parent, volunteer, public education advocate, education journalist and member of the district’s Superintendent Search Community Focus Group and the Strategic Plan Stakeholder Task Force.


Amy Hamblin carves mass out of air using thin scrims of wire netting. Pieces are finished with hand wrought articulations, portals and shaped copper finials. The sculpture on display, inspired by cellular structures and organic shapes, represent a body of work created over the last five years. Amy will demonstrate how she knits with wire during the Artwalk. The studio will remain open until 9pm.

Spark Studio at BallardWorks
2862 NW Market St
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