March ArtWalk Artists

Miro Tea
5405 Ballard Avenue NW

Leah Libow's Ancient Configurations of Beauty and Harmony features a mixed media show where beeswax is the primary medium. Along with beeswax, Leah combines a variety of laces, doilies and acrylic paints to forge together pieces that evoke contemplation and while capturing the essence what she calls the Divine Feminine.


Leah references how honeybees have traditionally been linked to Feminine archetypes. As bees are able to create and spread nourishment, so can a woman.

"Additionally, my use of beeswax comes from a love of the smell and textures created by melting and forming it, from my love for the honeybee’s ability to create and spread nourishment, and from the honeybee’s deep connections to the Feminine Archetype. Using beeswax, doilies, lace, and acrylic, the abstract and organic patterns I create in my paintings become maps to consciousness and to the Divine Feminine."

Leah will be present during the ArtWalk on 3/10 6-9pm and will be available to answer any questions or inquiries.



La Tienda Folk Art Gallery
2050 Northwest Market Street

Shop Local with handmade ceramics from these local potters: Loren Lukens, James Brooke, Carol Ann Bauer and Matthew Patton. Functional pottery for your home to liven up your surroundings.

March ArtWalk Artists

Annie's Art and Frame
2212 Northwest Market Street

The tradition of the bookplate, a small print adhered to the first pages of a book, began before the advent of the printing press to show ownership of what was then a very rare and expensive item. Inspired by discussions regarding the future of the printed book given the increasing popularity of electronic texts, Susan Martin presents a series of block printed bookplates. Primarily dealing in natural themes, she has created her own take on a centuries-old art.

Market Street Shoes
2232 NW Market Street

Featuring New Works from Leigh Riibe, a collection of 51 photographs taken on her iPhone. She captures the beauty of her everyday life with a new technology that is quickly becoming a large part of our society. This exhibit is an attempt at taking something so instant, accessible, and disposable back to a time that was more tangible, artistic and appreciated.

Kula Movement Center for Yoga & Health
5340 Ballard Avenue NW

Stop in for their free AcroYoga Show, featuring TJ and Tracy!

Special Fiber Arts Show in March

High Desert Aspens by Gerrie Congdon
Textiles, paint, quilting

Ballard Works
2856 NW Market Street

This special show offers a unique opportunity to see Fiber Arts Works from 38 artists who belong to the Northwest chapter of the Surface Design Association. Participating artists include: Linda Berlage-Metz, Diane Marie Chaudiere, Laurie Clark, Kathleen Craig, Maura Donegan, Linda Elias, Christina Erickson, Karla Freiheit, Barbara Heller, Nicki Hitz Edson, Mary Hubbard, Ginny Huber, Gay Jensen, Cheryl Kamera, Gaynel Kline, Janet Kurjan, Barbara Kuznetz, Mary Lane, Ann Maki, Barbara Matthews, Maude May, Dorothy McGuinness, Roberta Nelson, Peggy O’Heron, Barbara O’Steen, Marianne Owen Beattie, Seiko Purdue, Lynne Rigby, Louise Roby, Sharon Rowley, Sally Sellers, Carla Stehr, Deb Taylor, Cyndi Wolfe, and Barbara Zander.

Saint Lydia and Saint Martha Portable Prayer Chapel by Laurie Kathleen Clark
Hand dyed fabrics, image transfer, hand painted and crafted figurines, fiber construction, bead work and embroidery

Venues for March ArtWalk

Umpqua Bank

2032 NW Market Street

Chuck Moses, photographic supervisor for Yuen Lui Portrait Studios, is presenting photographs in diptych and triptych format. This placement of two or more images within the same frame creates an associative diaglogue much like a poetic juxtapositon of words within a poem. Titled Dream Sequence, this selection asks the viewer to ponder the relationship of varied images together.

Kiss Cafe
2817 NW Market Street

Professional artist & graphic designer Fabiola Reina has traveled the world. Her art and photography reveal an explosion of colors and emotion, and are inspired by nature, her travels, and by her life experiences. Reina likes to celebrate diversity and the natural, organic world, as well as life's natural emotions that connects us all as human beings. Her exploration with different mediums range from watercolors & soft pastels to acrylic & fine art photography. Her application of colors & form brings out the life and emotion of the objects, celebrating the uniqueness and brilliance that every thing in life has to offer.

5449 Ballard Avenue NW

Seattle native Arnel Ramac, who studied art at the University of Washington, has been a professional artist for over 13 years. His subject matter comes from a combination of everyday life, graphic design and pop culture. Arnel uses a combination of traditional painting techniques along with graphic software to capture those moments of inspiration on paper.

The Scoop at Walter’s
6408 32nd Avenue NW

Seattle watercolorist, Kathy Johnson, shows paintings and prints of local landscapes -- ferry boats, Discovery Park, Pike Place Market, Skagit Valley tulips, the Arboretum, and the lavender fields of Sequim.

Blowing Sands Glass/Laura Frost Gallery
5805 14th Avenue NW

It's their Annual Garden Show! This year's exhibition includes pieces by potter Julie deRouche, including wall vases and a bird feeder; paintings by Janet Fagan Smith that will have you seeing spring; driftwood art by Cynthia Heino-Smith; and glass garden stakes by Sooze and porcelain garden stakes by Marissa Motto, both with a touch whimsy.

5344 Ballard Avenue Northwest

Twozdai A. Hulse grew up all around the greater Puget Sound and has been living in Seattle for ten years, where she currently works as a graphic designer. And yes, that is her real name—it sounds like “Tuesday.” On exhibit is the skyline series, which includes architectural & nature based photographic transfers overlaid with original paintings. Hulse's photographs go through a photo transfer process, giving them a moody texture. She then adds hand-painted details to the images to highlight their unique features. These works include scenes from Mexico, Barcelona, San Francisco, and Seattle and are a perfect example of Twozdai's best skills—photography and painting.

5408 22nd Avenue NW

For over ten years, the Downing Pottery creed has been to make work that is beautiful, functional and affordable for everyday use. Inspired by the cool tones and subtle lines of the Pacific Northwest, each piece is hand painted with stained clay and left partially unglazed to encourage contact with the medium. Collectors of Sarah Woodson's pottery appreciate the way her designs fit into their modern d├ęcor.

New Venues in March ArtWalk

Be sure to stop in and welcome these two new ArtWalk venues! We're excited they've joined us this month to add even more wonderful artwork to the adventure.

The Amber Den
1556 NW 56th Street (Corner of 17th NW and NW 56th)

Currently a graduate student at the University of Washington's Department of Comparative Literature, Collette-Yasi Naraghi spends her free time toying around with cameras ranging from 35mm to large formats, and still to moving. Naraghi has lived in Seattle for six years but spends much time on airplanes. This show includes a selection of photographs of her travels from New York to Berlin, Paris, and Tehran.

Robert Madsen Gallery
5448 Shilshole Avenue

Presenting Wandering Home by Juliana Wisdom, a sculptural fine arts exhibition exploring the physical and emotional needs a home fulfills. The artist plays with combining the ideas of privacy, security, comfort, mixed with transience and mobility. Her current work focuses on creating parallels between forms inspired by shelled mollusks and historical women’s undergarments. “I was intrigued by the idea of stripping away unnecessary material to create the most fundamental notion of home, one that could be taken anywhere a person goes.” Using both structured and delicate garment materials, Wisdom's work reveals conflict between restriction and insecurity in our relationship with what we call home.

March 10 ArtWalk

Root. Integrative Health
2026 NW Market Street, Suite 201

This month marks Root's one year anniversary in Ballard! Thanks to everyone for their continued support and dedication to health! To celebrate, artist Jennie Brott makes a return appearance with a fresh installation. Her new work includes:

Migration, which looks at how Humans affect the Birds’ ability to live.
Harlequin, a theatrical statement of fun and fantasy in a modern designers world, inspired by the film Children in Paradise and the elements of Mid-Century design.
Mod Girl, illustrating the feelings she gets even today from some of her favorite toys, with a visual language that anyone with similar childhood memories can understand.

Plus musical guests, Chase & Trinity, who will sweep you off your feet with their original pop arrangements consisting of drums, organ and guitar. Host Myllis Hiller kicks off the evening with plentiful hors d'oeuvres, beverages and prizes!

Ballard Metal Arts Studios & X-Ray Auto
1122 NW 46th Street

Stop in to this unique studio setting for an evening of art, demonstrations, and refreshments. New work by local sculptor, Ron Klein, as well as work from blacksmith Patrick Maher, enamelist Julia Garrels, painter Corianna Garrels, and blacksmith Rick Crelia.

2801 NW Market Street

Kelly Rae Cunningham's paintings began with slabs of clay, ceramic glazes, and the same tools that she uses today to apply, layer, and scrape away paint. Falling in love with mixing colors and the smell of oil paint and turpentine, she turned from clay to canvas. Her work is strongly influenced by the materials she works with, not only their physical properties, but their history. Cunningham paints with many mediums as they lend different qualities to the process: oil for the saturation of color and patience; acrylic for speed; collage and layering for depth; and encaustics (oil and wax) for its tactile quality and similarity to working with clay. Her paintings employ layers of color, boldly worked with palette knives and brushes. In Cunningham's most recent series of work, fleurish, she explores traditional floral paintings through a more whimsical use of dot and line, energetic brush strokes, and bold colors.

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