Second Saturday ArtWalk September 12

It promises to be beautiful weather for the Second Saturday ArtWalk September 12, 2015. As the day turns to dusk, and the memories of light until 10pm fades, wander Ballard and visit the venues.

His Word Found Here Showcasing Brennon Knott for September 12 ArtWalk

Brennon is a Northwest native who has a love for the area.

His pieces are a reflection of the various images, shapes, icons etc that you may see in the PNW.

His Word Found Here
5404 22nd Avenue NW
Brennon Knott

Shauna Tuey Featured at Monster Art for September ArtWalk

Shauna Tuey is a self taught visual artist born and raised in Seattle, Washington.

She uses a wide variety of mediums for her paintings including melted crayons, acrylics, watercolors, pastels, and color pencils. She is constantly exploring new creative outlets and integrating new techniques into her work.

Her designs are inspired by the world around her as well as by other artists in the community. In the early stages of her work, she explored abstract designs which eventually evolved into more concrete ideas. It's been enjoyable to watch her style develop as she began to research mythological stories and sacred geometry. It became her goal to not only capture the images in her head but to breathe life back into the stories that she reads.  

Her focus is never on one technique for too long as she finds the exploration of the unknown too appealing to settle down in a particular medium; this gives her work a sense of blooming as she changes and grows as an individual. Although she can't commit to a medium, there is an unchanging tone to her work which enhances the organic beauty she perceives with a whimsical lightness. She is truly an adaptable artist looking to bring the best out in her creations. Whether it's painting, silk screening, dance or baking she always finds a way to put her heart and soul into what she's making.

Monster Art and Clothing
5000 20th Avenue NW
Shauna Tuey

Leslie Ulrich Featured at Blowing Sands Gallery in September

“Patch Worked Series”

The act of sewing colors of fabric together to create pattern is an old and worthy act traditionally done by women out of necessity- some say a “labor of love” to keep families warm when they sleep.  I have always been attracted to patch work maybe because my mother is a quilter and I grew up surrounded by color and pattern.  As a child I remember making projects of 9-square patch work pillows and I also took needlepoint lessons.  The act of arranging color into patterns is my passion.  I am most influenced by the African-American tradition of multiple pattern quilts.  The quilts are usually divided into blocks of a repeat pattern; however each block is uniquely interpreted and rarely contains straight lines.  These quilts exemplify the West African principle of protective multiple patterning.  Evil spirits would have to decode the complex mixture of many patterns before they could do any harm to the user.  The idea of a physical quilt used for spiritual protection has influenced me greatly. 

 “Patch Worked”  is an ongoing series of work that explores and celebrates color and pattern created from an everyday object.  I paint brown paper, cut it and sew it back together in interpretive unique patterns.   I use recycled paper bags because it is a way to recycle the paper and “make something from nothing” a theme that has inspired my art making.   This work is a contemporary look at the traditional craft of patchwork.
My paper balls are a reflection and influence of Japanese culture and an appreciation of a simple object made beautiful.   In Japan paper is a national treasure.  Many objects, especially those for children, are made from paper like kites, fans, and even paper balloons.   Paper is temporary material that brings play and beauty to one’s life.  

 Leslie Ulrich's work will be shown along with pieces by glass artists Scott Darlington and Patricia Davidson August 8th - October 7th.

Lina Raymond at Horseshoe for September 12 ArtWalk

Housekeeping Off Seaview Avenue
If you went to Horseshoe in August to see "Salmon Bay from Fremont Peak", return this month
for Lina Raymond's newest painting, "Housekeeping Off Seaview Avenue". Also on display are paintings from her Ballard Avenue series.

5344 Ballard Avenue
Lina Raymond

BallardWorks Presents "Home Is ..." for September ArtWalk

A wide variety of visual art by 11 artists and the work of one author are presented at BallardWorks with an opening reception during the Ballard ArtWalk Saturday September 12, 2015, 6:00-9:00 pm. Visual artists include Katherine L Wright, William Hook, Joanne Shellan, Dionne Haroutunian, Vicki Platts-Brown, Marilee Dicks, Patricia Tuton, Sandy Bricel Miller, Signe Davis, Lisa Snow Lady, and Garrett Sweany. The author is Rebecca Ross who has written "Being Home: The Art of Belonging Wherever You Are".

The theme of this exhibit is that home is more than the house we live in, it's a state of mind and of being.These creative expressions portray the emotion of feeling at home as each artist experiences it.

How do their experiences compare with your own interpretations? Are you at home in your skin? In your office? In your garden? In your home? Is home truly where the heart is or is it any place you hang your hat?

Three floors of art studios and exhibition spaces open for the Art Walk Saturday, September 12, 2015. Open 6:00-9:00 pm.
Families with kids welcome. Enter through the 1st or 2nd floor doors on 30th Avenue. Includes painting, wood working/sculpture, wearable fiber art, encaustics, print making and more, all under one roof.

2856 NW Market Street

Venue Hosts Jerry Kaufman for September 12 ArtWalk

Ballard Locks

Jerry Kaufman is a third generation photographer.The theme of his work is renewal - new beginnings designed to create a sense of healing and well-being in the viewer.

He makes photographs in the spirit of the Impressionists working with light, color and emotion. Jerry strives to create a painterly feel in his images - whether in nature or urban settings. His vivid black and white "reversals" printed on metal spark near universal curiosity.

5408 22nd Avenue NW

BJ Douglas Featured at The Scoop at Walter's for September 12 ArtWalk

Bluebird Collage                                               BJ Douglas

Paper, Scissors……………and Glue.

Last fall I came across some collages I made many years ago and thought them pretty cool. So I picked up a magazine and started to look for interesting images.  At first the pieces were therapeutic in theme as I was (and still am, of course) dealing with the loss of my Most Wonderful Husband the year before.  But to my surprise, what emerged were not all images of darkness and grief, but rather images of healing, of moving on, even images laughing at sorrow.  It seems my unconscious mind was way ahead of me.

And it’s that spontaneous, intuitive, aspect of collage that has fascinated me ever since.  As a painter I always know what image I want to capture on canvas (and sometimes struggle mightily to make that happen.)  As a writer I know the basic story before I begin.  But as  a collage artist I am always surprised---and often delighted----by what emerges.

All the elements of these pieces are cut from magazines and books I find at thrift stores.  Each usually begins with a single image I find intriguing.  I then look for its “home”--- a landscape or skyscape or other objects that seem to work with it--- and somewhere in that process a “meaning” of some sort emerges.  Some pieces come together very quickly.  The bits and pieces of others may hang around on my work table for a week or two (or more) as I try this, that, and the other before finding whatever it is that’s needed to complete the idea of the final piece.

I hope some of these will make you smile.  Some may make you sad.  Whatever, I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I (and my subconscious) enjoyed making them!

The Scoop At Walter's

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