Pat Clayton Featured At Art and Soul For June Artwalk

For the month of June Art & Soul will be featuring work of a local Ballard artist, Pat Clayton showing her series, Grand Canyons of the Colorado, Yellowstone and Pacific.  

Canyon Heights

On The Way To Point Sublime

Come explore these beautiful locations through Pat's gorgeous oil on canvas paintings.

Art & Soul
2860 NW Market St

Narboo Live Painting and The Aerial Nurse At Monster For June Artwalk

Visit Monster during the Ballard Artwalk for a fun and colorful display of cartoon inspired artwork by artist Brandon Baker, aka Narboo. A special treat: Narboo will be live painting outside Monster!

Baker is a local artist residing in Ballard. His home studio, Full Circle is in the Greenwood Collective. Narboo is influenced by the city and nature and this is why he loves Seattle. His art is full of bold lines, lots of color, and crazy animal and bird characters that have real human emotions.

For More Information on Narboo, check out his fanpage at:

The Aerial Nurse will be performing on her Lyra, and Monster-ette Amanda will keep the snack table well stocked. Join us for a night of family fun and art!

Monster Art & Clothing
5000 20th Ave NW

Rick Garcia and Aylee Cody Showing At Camelion Design For June Artwalk

Rick Garcia has been an artist and composer for over 25 years. Much of his work as a visual artist explores polyphony. His painting, primarily oils on wood panel, contain many layers of color, symbols and textured brush strokes in different tempo relationships. To Rick, painting, much like music, is a generative process that pulls him along. He takes cues from his materials and views his work as growing organically and directly from his tactile approach to color and texture. 

Rick attended Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle where he met and worked with the Artist Trimpin for 12 years. He has recieved awards and grants from the Art at Work program, Museum of Arts and Culture, Washington Composers Forum, Jack Straw Foundation and The Tacoma Art Museum.

Aylee Cody has been making jewelry her entire life. As a little girl she made pieces out of torn, hand painted paper garnished with sequins and beads. Today she uses precious gems and metals. Aylee studied Metals at Oregon College of Art and Craft in Portland, OR. Aylee is inspired by the Art Deco period and enjoys the juxtaposition of opposing forces such as old/new and masculine/feminine. Her passion is in the intricate details of each piece whether it be the rough cut stone, the filigree setting, the hand forged texture or the meticulous finish of the surface. Aylee employs traditional metalsmith techniques, uses repurposed metals when possible and is committed to purchasing materials from socially responsible vendors.

Camelion Design
5330 Ballard Ave NW

Marilyn Batt's Seattle Sketches Featured In Umpqua Bank Lobby

In the Umpqua Bank lobby this month, the 54th St. Atelier is showing various Seattle sketches by Marilyn Batt.

Entertainment in the Lobby will be provided by the bluegrass band Right as Rain, with performances starting at 6:30 pm.

Umpqua Bank
2032 NW Market St

Lynn Hogan's Beloved Companions Gallery Show At Umpqua Bank

For June in the gallery at Umpqua Bank, the 54th St. Atelier is showing the work of pet portraitist Lynn Hogan.

"Beloved Companions"
Lynn Hogan's beautiful and expressive pet portraits deftly capture the fuzzy appeal of animal companionship. These paintings of cats, dogs and rabbits display an intensity of character that show how they earn their keep.

Lynn Hogan is a Seattle artist and member of the 54th St Atelier.

Umpqua Bank
2032 NW Market St

Tom Crestodina Showing At Annie's Art & Frame

Tom Crestodina is an Alaska salmon fisherman and marine engineer who draws whimsical cross-sections of boats and other fun structures. 

The boats are mainly fishing and work boats from the coast of the Northwest, both present and past, and contain authentic details form sea life, from real engines and gear to the underwear hanging in the engine rooms of fish boats. The illustrations are created in pen, ink and color pencil. 

This series is especially dedicated to the artist’s wonderful family – Tom’s delightful wife Ania and his beautiful son Franciszek, both of whom were born in Kraków, Poland. They inspired the little Polish accents that are hidden in some of the drawings.You can see these and other works at

Annie's Art & Frame
2212 NW Market St

Heather Davidson Featured At Venue For June Artwalk

Jewelry artist Heather Davidson of The Doodlebug Project is featured at Venue this month. Originally from the Midwest, Heather grew up in Nebraska and went to college in Minnesota. She has been a Seattleite ever since and is very happy with the change in climate.  

Heather has been making art – from drawings to oil painting and ceramics - using many different mediums since as long as she can remember. The jewelry she’s been focusing on currently has brought her back to her original love of pencil drawing and her love of nature – both flora and fauna. All of her original designs are created in shrink plastic, and most of it is drawn by hand.

She makes several sketches of each design, but no two are exactly alike. Even her printed jewelry designs that include stud earrings and necklaces with glorious pattern work have variations depending on which part of the design she decides to focus on. It can be difficult to create an image that works on such a small scale, but Heather finds that the finished designs give her a sense of peace and balance.

5408 22nd Ave NW

Jessica Weathersby Showing At Hummingbird Juice Bar

New to the Ballard ArtWalk and the neighborhood, Hummingbird Juice Bar is hosting Jessica Weathersby, a print-based artist living in Seattle.

Jessica deconstructs older work to create organic micro/macro environments.

Hummingbird Juice Bar
2242 NW Market St

Misha Zadeh at Re-Soul For June Artwalk

Graphic designer Misha Zadeh will be showing new artworks at Re-souL in June. Her collection features mixed-media cut-paper artwork made from her own etchings and monoprints –some with additional drawing and painting layered over the newly composed art. Vibrant color and texture bring a rich depth to her clean and modern lines. 

Misha made her first greeting card at age 4, magic markers and imagination in hand. Her parents, both architects, encouraged Misha's love for creating beautiful objects. She followed her passion to the University of Washington, earning a double degree in Graphic Design and Interdisciplinary Visual Art. When not working on commercial design for clients, you can find her cutting away, giving new life to her formerly discarded original prints.

Misha and her family are proud 15 year residents of beautiful Ballard (specifically Whittier Heights).

5319 Ballard Ave NW

Jo Simonian Brings Stitched Fiber Art To Bloom For June Artwalk

Ballard resident, Jo Simonian, creates her art with felt, embroidery thread, beads and other objects. She finds the rhythm and repetition of stitching  relaxing and loves seeing what emerges on a blank piece of felt. She has illustrated several children's books using these materials and is now working on individual pieces.

5410 17th Ave NW

Leah Libow Showing At Anima Mundi For June Artwalk

Anima Mundi is exhibiting small mixed media wall pieces by Leah Libow. This is Leah's second show with us, featuring her textile-inspired encaustic paintings, which use beeswax and acrylic paint on wood panels.

Anima Mundi
5410 22nd Ave NW

Estrella Stern and Link Show At Blowing Sands For June Artwalk

Three creative, vibrant spirits have their work on display this month at Blowing Sands Glass and Laura Frost Gallery: jeweler/silversmith George Estrella and artists Denny Stern and Rory Link.

George Estrella's pieces are evocative of the northwest, with strong natural forms such as water, mountains, whales, and salmon.  

Art by Denny Stern will catch your eye, wake you up, and fill you with the joy of a well-played  song for a spring morning.  

Rory Link's work feels like the spark of revelation made tangible. Honest. Come see them June 14th through July 9th.

Blowing Sands Glass/Laura Frost Gallery
5805 14th Ave NW
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