Fresh Oysters and Art at Chase Lounge

Fresh Oysters and Art at Chase Lounge
Chase Lounge
1556 NW 56th St

Enjoy fresh oysters and art curated by Push/Pull at Ballard's new seafood destination.

Open during art walk June 11th. Art rotates regularly and as it is sold.

Featuring the works of Megan Noel, Katie Wheeler, Maxx and more.


Casey Brookbush at Stash Pot Shop

Casey Brookbush
Stash Pot Shop
4912 17th Ave NW

Elevated Collection returns to Stash Pot Shop - Ballard during Ballard Art Walk. This month we feature local painter, Casey Brookbush. His work will be on display through July 8th.

The fusion of music and art colliding into a beautiful symphony has bred the notorious painting style of artist Casey Brookbush. He was born into a family with a father whose blood coursed with the same artistic passion, and was known for painting his western type scenes and classic cars. The need to discover and develop his own creativity led Casey into the music industry here in the Northwest where he was mostly known as a founding member and drummer for "The Oswald Effect". His artistic direction had also taken him to a full time career working in the environmental graphics industry as a project manager, and most currently, an account executive for a large Seattle firm, where you can see his elaborate work throughout the city of Seattle and around the globe.

After spending ten plus years as a musician, he left the band to pursue his passion of painting, and the art world would forever be changed.

Casey notes this about his style and flow, "I start backwards with black, then build up light, which is opposite than most painters". The synergy of music and paint working together inspires some of the most extraordinary, bold, iconic, mesmerizing and evocative art.

Melanie Long at Market Street Shoes

Melanie Long
Market Street Shoes
2232 NW Market St

Melanie Long makes her photographic debut with a collection of images captured during her many adventures near and far.

Artist Reception during Art Walk
June 11th 6-9pm

Also takes place during the Market Street Shoes 10 year anniversary!

Backglass & Playfields at Push/Pull

Backglass & Playfields: a pinball art show
at Push/Pull
5484 Shilshole Ave NW

Sponsored by Full Tilt

Featuring the work of:
Maxx, Seth Goodkind, R. Thies, Phill Tuma & more

Stop by for the opening of our pinball inspired art show. While you're visiting pick up a coupon for 20% off at Full Tilt Ballard this night only!

Facebook Event:


Modern Saints at Ballyhoo Curiosity Shop

Modern Saints
at Ballyhoo Curiosity Shop
curated by Push/Pull
5445 Ballard Ave NW

Modern Saints

local artists canonize their idols

Featuring the work of:
Aaron Morgan, Megan Noel, Seth Goodkind, Maxx, Caroline Sibila, Janet Davis, Dillon Lacey, Brandon Vosika, Katie Wheeler, Noel Franklin, Jason Middelton, and Marty Gordon

Art will be on display June 3rd - 30th

Facebook Event:

Susan Waite's Northwest Landscapes at Walter's

Susan Waite's Northwest Landscapes
6408 32nd Ave NW

Large Northwest oil landscapes and smaller local plein air scenes by local painter Susan Waite are showing at Walter’s Cafe during June.  

Meet the painter at Art Walk, Saturday June 11, 6-9 pm.

Megan Missfit at Monster Art & Clothing

Megan Missfit at Monster Art & Clothing
5000 20th Ave NW

Artist Reception June 11th 6-9pm

Megan Wyreweden is a self-taught artist based out of Federal Way, WA. Primarily a digital painter, Megan paints dark, surreal and strange creations inspired by the natural world, and an imaginative childhood filled with fantasy, biology and astronomy books. She is now a full-time freelance artist, working on various projects including an ongoing webcomic series called Under the Red Moon. She can also be found at local shows and markets throughout the year as well as comic cons both locally and around the country. When she isn't being an artist, she is an enthusiastic foodie, plushie collector and world traveler.


Prints, Posters & Books a mixed media show by Dan Shafer at Captain's Supplies

Prints, Posters & Books
a mixed media show by Dan Shafter
at Captain's Supplies
1120 Ballard Way NW

Dan D Shafer is a graphic designer, artist and educator living and working in Seattle, WA. Through his design studio, Dandy Co. (, he creates work for a wide variety of clients including Kronos Quartet, Komen Puget Sound, and Herman Miller. His self-initiated projects and installations explore the nebulous territory that exists between traditional definitions of "art" and "design", and investigates how people interact with objects in their everyday lives.

He studied graphic design and printmaking at Wester Washington University and completed an MFA in design from California College of the Arts. He has taught at Cornish College of the Arts, Mills College, Las Positas College, Seattle University, and Seattle Pacific University.

Artist Reception June 11th 6pm - 9pm
Art is showing May 14 - June 30

Jessie Swimeley at Jax Joon

Jessie Swimeley Photography at Jax Joon
Jax Joon
5338 Ballard Ave NW

Opening Reception June 11th 6pm - 9pm

Artist Bio:
Thirty-one years ago my father handed me a camera, I was six years old. I have taken more photographs than I can count, some of them amazing and some of them pretty terrible.
I grew up in the darkroom my dad built in our garage, the smell of stop bath and fixer always on my hands. I loved the chemistry. I loved the way I knew how to manipulate light. The transition to digital photography is not one I made gracefully. The art I loved was dying a slow death, to be replaced by crowds of people with an instant way to take picture; each one of them calling themselves a photographer. This sparked anger in me because, I felt like I was losing something dear to my heart.
Digital photography had one thing going for it. I could take all the photographs I wanted and skip the time consuming and boring process of developing the film. I could see my photographs instantly. I knew I had to switch and not look back. To this day countless rolls of undeveloped film lurk in the nooks and crannies of my father’s darkroom, endlessly waiting for someone to develop them.
I started my blog,, in 2013 as my way of completely embracing digital photography. I am posting at least five photographs and one self-portrait every day for 1001 days.
I currently live in Portland, Oregon, with my other half, Joel Delight; the world’s most awesome cat, Inky; three parakeets: Artemis, Opal, and Fish; and two betta fish, Mr. Pants and STARLORD.


Ocean Inspiration at Blowing Sands Glass Studio

Ocean Inspiration
at the Blowing Sands Glass Studio / Laura Frost Fine Arts Gallery
5805 14th Ave NW
(206) 783-5314

This month Blowing Sands Glass Studio features art inspired by sea life. Works in watercolor, acrylic and glass. Turtles, sharks, snails, octopuses ... even glass conch shell that really let you hear the ocean!

Opening Reception June 11th 6pm - 9pm

Show Dates: June 11th - July 9th

Venue hours:
Tuesday - Friday 11am - 5pm
Saturday 10am - 6pm
Sunday 12pm - 5pm

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