Illustrated Collage By Dan Voelker Featured at Umpqua Bank for November Artwalk

Dan Voelker explores relationships in tone, line, shape and depth using collage. The layering effect of collage allows his drawings to become paintings. The collages begin with several “automatic” charcoal drawings on paper. All of the material found in each collage comes from these drawings, which are sliced up and reassembled in a new way. The cutting up process is an extension of drawing, as Voelker is able to create new and unique forms. When assembling the pieces, he does not begin with a plan or sketch. His process is improvisational, immediate and organic; slowly building each piece into a balanced composition.

Though his work is abstract, it often references figurative elements. A portrait, landscape, or still-life will often emerge, sometimes in the same composition. Voelker is deeply fascinated by sculpture and often sees his work referencing 3 dimensional forms. He attempts to engage the viewer by shifting perspectives and/or subjects, creating movement with dramatic events while leaving the piece open to interpretation. 

Umpqua Bank
2032 NW Market St

Ballard Street Scenes by Matt Bazemore On View at Miro Tea For November Artwalk

Matt Bazemore will be hosting a meet and greet between 6-9pm this Saturday at Miro Tea.

The show comprises 19 acrylic paintings with many Ballard street scenes including "Uma Thai"  and "The Matador". There is lots of fall color to enjoy. The Miro Tea show runs through November.

Fans of Bazemore's work should be sure to catch his black light tribute to early Seventies rock musicians. Seven pieces are on display at "Darrell's Tavern, 18041 Aurora Avenue North, Shoreline, Wa. 98133. These are Gesso and ultra violet tempera on black paper. This show runs through December.

Miro Tea
5405 Ballard Avenue NW

SivaDesign Showcases Modern Classics at Camelion Design for November Artwalk

SivaDesign jewelry is handmade and crafted in Seattle. Most pieces are one-of-a-kind and tell their own unique story, inspired by vintage glamour and a prized collection of my grandmother's jewelry. 

They are wearable, modern classics. SivaDesign pieces feature found vintage pendants, metals and crystals, as well as select new materials.

Camelion Design
5330 Ballard Ave NW

For November's ArtWalk, BalMar will be Showing Photographs by Aaron Hartel and Presenting Music by DJ Gyp Chi (aka Jittania Smith)

                                                            And The Days Go By
                                                               Aaron D. Hartel

At night with the sun hidden and the ancient starlight shining in the sky the vastness of the space that surrounds our planet becomes visible. The borders between the built and natural worlds take on aspects not always visible. In particular, the bright and busy lights of the city become a surreal backdrop to the islands of trees and small shorelines along the waters, especially in our city parks.



Photographs done at night I find reveal these interesting qualities. Exposures can often last for several minutes, due the low light.  As the moments stack upon each other human activities have an evanescent quality showing up as streaks of light on the final image. It is a reminder of the ever changing and incredible space we live in.

                                                                       DJ GYP CHI
                                                                       Jittania Smith

GYP CHI (aka Jittania Smith) is a DJ and producer from Seattle, WA. Long before she pursued DJing, Smith played percussion for Washington Middle School and Garfield High. In her spare time, Smith was influenced by many styles of music ranging from Moby and Thievery Corporation to Jimi Hendrix, The Orb, Bjork and RJD2. While pursuing a degree in Marine Biology at Brown University, Smith discovered her passion for electronic music production in an elective Computers & Music course. A year later, in 2012, Smith was given the opportunity to pursue her DJing skills internationally while traveling on a working visa in Australia. Upon her return to the states last fall, Smith made the switch from CDJs to Technic 1200s and Serato, and has been hooked ever since. Smith enjoys mixing a wide array of genres, ranging from 80's and 90's pop, disco and old school hip hop to modern reggaeton, electrohouse, trap, soul and glitch hop. She also loves any opportunities to collaborate with others, and is always looking for other musicians and artists to practice and perform with.

5449 Ballard Avenue NW

Colored Pencil Work by Eileen Sorg will be Showing at Venue for the Month of November

~ Eileen Sorg ~ 
Colored Pencil Artist

Eileen Sorg's art is a visual representation of the stories that are in her imagination. She enjoys collecting old objects and weaving a tale around them. 
Seattle Crow

Birds are the main conduit for these stories, but insects, amphibians, and mammals are also frequent players.

Seattle Frog

Seattle Hummingbird

The story is really the subject matter in Eileen's work, but it is supported by a solid structure of composition and light. Her colored pencil work is collected internationally and is known for its complexity and vibrancy. Eileen is a Signature member of the Colored Pencil Society, the Society of Animal Artists, and the International Guild of Realism.

5408 22nd Avenue NW

Unique Art Pieces to Set Your Autumn Table are Featured at Blowing Sands for the November ArtWalk

                                                                    Gathering at the Table

In fall we share family feasts and warm cups of tea, catch up with old friends, and share around the table.  This month we celebrate the craft of making the table unique and interesting.  Pottery with interesting form and glass with vibrant color; each artisan in this group show has found a way to make the everyday object expressive. 

Glasses by David Smith

Pottery by Emma MacDuff

Blowing Sands Glass Studio

5805 14th Avenue NW

Cameron Mason Opens New Doors At Building C For November Artwalk

Building C just got a little bigger with the renovation of the first floor, adding fourteen new studio spaces to the vibrant community of artists working in this historic building. 

Fiber artist Cameron Mason is one of the newest tenants, adding her soft sculptures to the mix of media brought to life at Building C. Join her for an open house in Studio 10 from 6-9pm. 

4818 14th Ave NW

Nancy Reithaar and Suzanne Lorenz Fill BallardWorks For November Artwalk

abundance, variety, adaptation, proliferation, versatility, color, texture, shape, ink, collage, paper, comradeship

These words describe my process, focus, and evolution as I reflect on ten years of exhibitions as a Ballard printmaker and participant in the Ballard Artwalk. This show is a celebration of a decade of collaboration with local businesses and artists in our vibrant Ballard community. On display will be some of my earliest prints of elephants (featured in my first show at Sev Shoon Arts Center), as well as blue herons, cats, and every animal I could fit in up to my newest series of sea creatures and beaches. Please join me in my journey through monotype, etching, and the animal kingdom.  -Nancy Reithaar

I am inspired by broad expansions of light and color, beauty in nature, and the landscapes that surround me. I look for capturing the ‘beautiful impermanence and rustic decay’ symbolized in the Japanese phrase 'wabi-sabi.’ I am interested in photographing the decay of iconographic imagery of my lifetime: pioneer cemeteries, antiquated trucks, drive-in movie remains, deteriorating barns, movie theater marquees, vanishing telephone booths. I have recently begun photographing urban environments, commercial window reflections, fire hydrants and urban life.

I have been photographing for over 3 decades,  some of those years more concentrated than others. I started with film in the darkroom with black and white images, focusing solely on tonality and controlling light. Now, in the digital age my focus still remains the same. -Suzanne Lorenz

2856 NW Market St
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