Three Artists Exhibit at Blowing Sands for January Artwalk

Three fine artists share the gallery this month: Julie deRouche with her nature inspired pottery, Sooze bloom deLeon grossman, whose brightly dyed scarves, collage art prints and cards, and fused glass trays and house numbers exhibit her wide range of interests, and Linda Thorson's concrete birdhouses, wall pieces, and bird baths are harbingers of the season to come.

Blowing Sands Glass
5805 14th Ave NW

Images of Light: Interfaith Icons for the 21st Century at the Interfaith Community Sanctuary

Icons are windows into heaven. 
They are essentially communication devices.
This is a two-way communication.

Iconmaking is a construction project, like building a window, which takes place as much in the imaginal world as the material.

Keeping this space open & alive requires attention.
An icon is a hotline to the Beloved.
An icon is a mirror that is alive.

Exhibition: December 1--January 31
Reception & Artist Talk: Saturday January 11, 6:00pm

Workshop: “Making Images of Light" January 25th, 2014, 1 - 4pm, $25
Come learn about & practice the physical & spiritual mechanics of iconmaking.

For info or to purchase or commission an icon, 
contact Michael Douglas at 206-769-1980

Interfaith Community Sanctuary
1763 NW 62nd St in Ballard 98107

Four Painters Fill BalMar For January Artwalk

Four artists will be showing their work at Balmar for the month of January. 

 Jasmine Lamb

Nicol Grindulis

Paul Knutzen

Running the house music on Saturday, GYP CHI (aka Jittania Smith) is a DJ and producer from Seattle, WA. Long before she pursued DJing, Smith played percussion for Washington Middle School and Garfield High. In her spare time, Smith was influenced by many styles of music ranging from Moby and Thievery Corporation to Jimi Hendrix, The Orb, Bjork and RJD2. While pursuing a degree in Marine Biology at Brown University, Smith discovered her passion for electronic music production in an elective Computers & Music course. A year later, in 2012, Smith was given the opportunity to pursue her DJing skills internationally while traveling on a working visa in Australia. Upon her return to the states last fall, Smith made the switch from CDJs to Technic 1200s and Serato, and has been hooked ever since. Smith enjoys mixing a wide array of genres, ranging from 80's and 90's pop, disco and old school hip hop to modern reggaeton, electrohouse, trap, soul and glitch hop. She also loves any opportunities to collaborate with others, and is always looking for other musicians and artists to practice and perform with.

5449 Ballard Avenue NW

Venue Begins 2014 Marking Days

Visit Venue this month and see an expanded collection of 2014 calendars (including one perpetual calendar) all designed by local artists, as well as a participatory calendar project.

Walter Share's Washington State and Washington Parks Watercolor calendars

Baylie Peplow's Seasonal Vegetable Calendar

June Chang's Perpetual Calendar

Inspired by the quote, "A week has seven days and 'someday' isn't one of them,"  - add your own ideas for what you'd like to do "someday..." on Venue's calendar wall. 

5408 22nd Ave NW

Ballard Landmark Welcomes Elizabeth Shier For January Artwalk

Elizabeth Shier, former marketing director at Ballard Landmark, is back showing and selling her remarkable jewelry.

5433 Leary Ave NW

Horses by Janet Mesic Mackie Showing At Horseshoe For January Artwalk

As so well put by Juliet Cameron, author of The Artist's Way, "If you love horses, you will love her photographs. Her horses are immediate, personal and lovable. You'll feel you are there, stroking a velvety nose."

As a professional photographer for over 20 years, Janet Mesic Mackie has honed a vision and a body of work that is informed by her love of composition, light, form and her training as a visual artist.

"In recent years, my work has moved in a direction that emphasizes the beauty of form found all around us.  From landscapes to portraits to images of horses, I look to capture the essence and vitality in the natural world."

As an editorial photographer, Mesic Mackie's work has appeared in  Elle Decor, Veranda, Metropolitan Home, Midwest Living, and Traditional Home, among others. She has worked with many of the country's top interior designers and architects and is published in numerous interior design and architecture books. Janet Mesic Mackie has a Bachelors of Arts in Printmaking from the University of Oregon and she resides in Chicago, Illinois with her family.

5344 Ballard Ave NW

Annie's Art & Frame Presents Jerra Jenny for January Artwalk

Color is what catches the viewers’ attention. In the Dance Series, Jerra Jenny chose a name for each piece that captured the rhythm and flow of the colors. 

From the bright, vibrant colors of Jota, to the deep, rich hues of The Charleston, the colors come together to form unique dances each framed in a complimenting tone. The artist chose to work with colors and patterns that reflect her emotions. 

Sometimes bright and cheery, while other times mellow and muted, she believes we all have inner colors that are in conjunction with our thoughts and feelings. We all have our rhythm of colors, we all have our own dance.

Annie's Art & Frame
2212 NW Market St
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