Monotypes and Collages of Nancy Reithaar will be Shown at Domanico Cellars Winery & Tasting Room for the August ArtWalk

"I am a printmaker with a painter’s sensibility. Monotype is a technique with allows for a painterly, colorful and spontaneous approach to creating images. Animals fascinate me and provide me with a rich source of forms, textures and expressions to work with. 

The combination of monotype and collage allows me to compose and adapt in response to the unique subject. When I let go of total control of the process, it is clear which elements should be cut away and which should be enhanced with texture, color, and light. 

The process becomes exciting as I discover the relationships between a shorebird on the beach, for instance, and the image in my mind, the paintbrushes, the press, the paper, and the combination of ink colors that faithfully express the bird’s individual characteristics and universal beauty."

825 NW 49th Street

Mandy Shoger of Foxtail Pottery will be Showing Ceramics at La Tienda Folk Art Gallery for August's ArtWalk

We are excited to have a collection of handmade bowls, plates, and mugs by local ceramist and former La Tienda employee Mandy Shoger, aka Foxtail Pottery.

Foxtail Pottery is made from earthen clay, is functional and is available in a selection of colors and multiple designs. 

La Tienda Folk Art Gallery
2050 NW Market St

For the Month of August, Umpqua Bank Presents Several Artists from Hourglass Footwear

 Hourglass Footwear is a women-owned and operated company of ten Seattle-area artists and designers who create bold, edgy, high-fashion shoes that are one-of-a-kind and 100% original: each pair is custom hand-painted to order. 

The company was founded by Kira Bundlie and Lisa Ström in response to what they saw as a growing need for self-expression and customization in fashion. 

2032 NW Market Street

The Photographer Erynn Rose will be Featured at Venue for the August ArtWalk

Erynn Rose, Photographer

Erynn Rose started taking pictures in the early 90’s, mostly because he was surrounded  by a family of photographers who he felt were always taking pictures of the wrong thing. He picked up the camera to show them what they were missing. Now he can be found wandering Seattle with a variety of digital and film cameras to try and capture Seattle in all her glory. He specializes in tilt-shift* views of the city, making it look like a detailed architectural model. You may have seen his work in Seattle Magazine, or Where Seattle books and maps.

Fremont Bridge



 *What is tilt-shift? Tilt-shift imposes a fake depth of field on the image, resembling what you would see in a close-up image of small objects, tricking the eye and making it look like a miniature scene. This is achieved either by tilting the lens off the body, leaving just a line of the image in focus, or in post-production blurring all but a tight section of the image.

5408 22nd Avenue NW

Evolution Press, New to Ballard's ArtWalk, Presents the Work of Danny Schlitz for the Month of August

The featured artist for August is the crazy talented designer, Danny Schlitz.


Evolution Press
1112 NW50th Street

Local Filmmakers Seek Venue For Screening

Two local artists, Joseph Lambert aka Jazzy Photo, and producer/choreographer, Annalisa Peterson, are working on Harnessed, a dance film shot in Ballard and Capitol Hill. As they enter the final stages of production, they are searching for the right venue to host a screening during the September ArtWalk.

To contact the artists, send a message to 

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