Ballard's Second Saturday ArtWalk got its start on Ballard Avenue back in 1997. ArtsBallard, formed during Neighborhood Planning, wanted to help businesses in the area by promoting the event and making what was a "once in awhile" event into a regularly scheduled offering. The Ballard ArtsFest, first held in 1998, turned the ArtWalk into a one-evening street festival and helped create public awareness of all the cultural offerings in Ballard. In 2000, production of the ArtWalk was "gifted" to the Ballard Chamber of Commerce, as they had the resources to build what had also become an economic tool for the local business community. 

Like all good volunteer projects, it became apparent that the Ballard Second Saturday ArtWalk needed an infusion of new talent, volunteers and participants. Under the umbrella of the Ballard Chamber, a new committee has been formed to take our beloved event to the next level.

Watch for new attractions, an updated look and a bigger draw. Ballard has a wealth of creative talent and we look forward to sharing it with folks near and far.
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