Second Saturday ArtWalk in Ballard November 14, 2015

It's looking to be a great ArtWalk on Saturday, November 14. Ballard welcomes a new gallery, Push Pull (they don't really open until November 22, but we get a sneak peek Saturday), Building C, longtime home to many studios, is back on board with a chance to visit many artists. There are the original selfies at BallardWorks, also known as self portraits, and beautiful cats done with ink at Market Street Shoes. So get your boots and raincoat and visit the venues.

BuildingC is Back on the Second Saturday ArtWalk

The person who was the contact for the Second Saturday ArtWalk from BuildingC left, and they fell by the wayside. They recently got back in touch, and BuidingC is alive and well, full of numerous artists of different media, many of them there to greet you during the ArtWalk, November 14, 2015.
Enter the side door (behind the dark car in the center of the picture) at 4857 14th Avenue NW.

Building C
1/4 Block North of Leary on 14th Avenue NW

Multi Artist Extravaganza at Blowing Sands November 14 ArtWalk

Art and jewelry, local and whimsical, in fabric, photo, paper, paint and fine metals.  Featuring the work of Laurette Chasse, George Estrella, Bill Kaeter, Nahom Tedros, Jacki Lamont, Heather Swain, and Rachel Chasse.  

5805 14th Avenue NW

New Gallery in Ballard Opens For November 14 ArtWalk

Beautiful Trash: An Art Tribute to Budget Cinema

Our first night in Ballard! We won't be officially open until the 22nd, but we are open for the November art walk. Come see Beautiful Trash: An Art Tribute to Budget Cinema and get a preview of our new space. It's right around the corner from Ocho and Hotel Albatross where 24th & Shilshole meet at Market.

Featured artists are: Phill Tuma, Tiffany Toland-Scott, Heath Cecere, Megan Noel, Eli Wolff
Seth Goodkind, Corianna Garrels, Kassandra Davis, Aaron Morgan, Maranda Cromwell, Neil Devlin
Scott Faulkner and Marty Gordon.

5484 Shilshole Avenue NW

Karen Klee-Atlin Opens Blue House and Yellow Dog Studio for November 14 ArtWalk

Karen Klee-Atlin will be working on her prints at Blue House and Yellow Dog Studio this Saturday. Come and see her latest prints and watch as she demonstrates the woodcut and collagraph process on her press. Karen will have framed and un-framed prints for sale and there will also be a great selection of book bags, purses and napkins made by designer Sara Kelley.

Karen will be offering art classes at her studio in drawing, painting and printmaking for children, teens and adults this fall. You can contact her at Karen Klee-Atlin for more information.

Yellow House Blue Dog Studio
5406 6th Avenue NW

Terry Reed Photographs at The Scoop At Walter's November 14

Terry Reed, a commercial and fine art photographer in Seattle’s vibrant photography scene, will exhibit a series of new photographs this November. The group of 18 images is selected from a larger body of work created during the past year.

All 18 photographs seen in the show were first published on Instagram. Reed was one of 12 photographers from around the world who contributed to Stories and Pictures, a recent Instagram - Tumblr project that married storytelling with photographs. Nine pieces in the current show come from that project and showcase Reed’s writing and image-making talent.

Reed, who lives in Ballard, joined Instagram in 2013. He’s connected with far flung photographer friends. And, he’s found a passionate community of shooters from around the world who are struck by the quality of his images. “Instagram has been a nice surprise,” he said. “It’s been invigorating, there’s a lot of interesting people doing great work.

The Scoop at Walter's
6408 32nd Avenue NW
Terry Reed

Monster Art and Clothing Shares Ryan Henry Ward for November 14 ArtWalk

Ryan Henry Ward's vision of creating primitive images with a dream-like, surreal quality is awake with life in this show.The natural rawness of the painting process  shows through his balanced, bright, and whimsical work.

His work has a combined feeling of neo pop and neo primitivism yet somehow lands in a genre of its own. He has been a muralist in Seattle since 2008 and has created  the largest public body of work in the history of the city.

Monster Art and Clothing
5000 20th Avenue NW
Ryan Henry Ward

Agnes Bodor at Market Street Shoes November 14

Agnes Bodor was born in Szekesfehervar, Hungary. After finishing Secondary School of Visual Arts she went to the Eotvos Lorand Science University and graduated as a biologist. She completed her Phd at the  Semmelweis University School of Doctoral Studies. Currently she is working as neurobiologist at the Allen Institute for Brain Science in Seattle and painting is her hobby. Her favorite materials are the ink and the watercolor.

Market Street Shoes
2232 NW Market Street
Agnes Bodor

BallardWorks Exhibits "Self Portraits--Original Selfies" in November

BallardWorks Exhibits "Self Portraits--Original Selfies"

Self Portraits--Original Selfies is the theme of our November show featuring artwork by our Tenants. This promises to be an amusing and amazing exhibit with all portraiture styles represented from cubist to realist. How do we picture ourselves? After all, that face looking back at us in the mirror is not how we appear to others. The mirror reverses our image, so if the artist paints his/her self portrait while looking in a mirror, it is not the face his/her friends are viewing. If the artist paints from a photo, it might or might not be the same view as others see. Come and consider the likeness of these personal works presented for your enjoyment.

Three floors of art studios and exhibition spaces open for the Art Walk Saturday, November 14, 2015. Open 6:00-9:00 pm.

Families with kids welcome. Enter through the 1st or 2nd floor doors on 30th Avenue. Includes painting, wood working, sculpture, wearable fiber art, encaustics, print making and more, all under one roof. 

2856 NW Market Street

Horseshoe Features Abstract Artist Tara Flores in November

Abstraction gets me. There’s an immediacy to it. You don’t know what it is, what it “means” or what it is trying to convey for sure, but you feel it. It works outside the bounds of language. It cuts through the struggles entangled inside the modern human condition by bringing you back to your soul. Reminding you of you. Steeping you in emotion, knowing and connection.

Even if you don’t “get it,” it gets you.

I tried for a long time to figure out abstract art before I realized that to understand it is to feel it. Emotion understands it, not intellect.

Making these connections, to how we feel, what we want, what brings us joy. Well, its the whole point.
For me, a lot of these connections are made through the process of painting.

If you’d like to learn more about me, my art or experience along the creative path, visit my blog at Tara Flores or find me on social media (@tarafloresart).

5344 Ballard Avenue NW
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