August 13 ArtWalk

Miro Tea
5405 Ballard Avenue NW

Though Mary Kay Nespeca was born in New York and grew up in Ohio, she has lived in Seattle for 26 years.
A registered nurse, she was always drawn to the arts and humanities and in 2003, she enrolled in an encaustic painting workshop at Pratt Fine Arts Center. She immediately bonded with this most rewarding medium, which uses pigments mixed with hot wax that are burned in as an inlay. Since then, Nespeca acquired a Fremont studio where she makes art and keeps a very fine mess. This series of paintings is an exploration of how the wood, wax, pigment, paper and tea become the torso in motion. The process of fusing the separate components and then scraping away the wax, gives form not only to the figure, but to other works as well.

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