Artists for October ArtWalk

Sev Shoon Arts Center
2862 NW Market Street

Artist Justin Kane Elder simplifies images by deconstructing them into basic geometric shapes. His goal is to construct a complex design out of simple forms. Each piece focuses on individual colors and how those colors relate to the space they inhabit. Colors are piled together to create a network of corresponding objects. These objects are what makes each composition identifiable.

Annie's Art & Frame
2212 NW Market Street

Demian Johnston and Chris Smith from Ballard present: Remains To Be Seen. The show is a multimedia reaction and reflection inspired by the stories and the rediscovery of the remains of the forest fire that Demian's childhood home surrendered itself to. Using the ashes in every piece, they collaborated as a family to recreate new physical memories in art.

Firehouse Coffee
2622 NW Market Street

Back on the ArtWalk again with I Wonder by tomm’ee. Artist of the Mind, Life, Fine Form and Figure. “Art is everywhere you look and in everything you do.” This show relates to simply the world of wonders the artist sees, feels and captures. His work consists of one to nine photographic images merged into one, which goes through many artistic and technical adjustments and cleanings. A typical image can take up to 10+ hours to refine and produce, creating Thomas G. Whipple Fine Art Photography with a Twist. One that captures details, colors and shades that single images miss. Composition and concept are high priorities in the creation of Whiple's images. Embedded in some of my images are concepts, which can appear in the form of stories and personal philosophies, hidden symbols or figures.

La Tienda Folk Art Gallery
2050 NW Market Street

It's an exciting time of year at La Tienda, when they showcase their annual Dia de Los Muertos altar. Learn more about this rich tradition and pick up some new items for your altar. Also available are molds for sugar skulls and papel picado to hang in your window.

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