October ArtWalk Venues

Art & Soul

2860 NW Market Street

Presenting New Work, art by Joan Stuart Ross & Kappy

Joan's current series builds up layers of encaustic medium as metaphors for energy, introspection and depth. In a process similar to intaglio, the grids and interstices of color-filled carved lines create an atmosphere underneath and between suspensions of wax, resin and color. Kappy's new works layer surfaces of acrylic paint on panels to create a lacquer-like density, a luminous glow. Interspersed are dabs of color that relate to the idea of foul bite in etching--random marks and glyphs engage to create a mysterious narrative.

5449 Ballard Avenue NW

Seattle artist
Joshua Gosovich paints with a somewhat whimsical and morbid sense of life. His subjects range from Day of the Dead imagery to haunting houses in surreal landscapes and few things between.


2856 NW Market Street

Group show featuring these talented artists--Jennifer Nerad, Carl Chew, Jay Lazerwitz, Diane Saffitz, Liza Halvorsen, Betty Jo Costanzo, Larry Halvorsen, Stephen Gilbert, Rosemary Sylvanus Antel, Lisa Snow Lady and Nate Stottrup.

Cupcake Royale/Verite Coffee
2052 NW Market Street

Justin Kane Elder
simplifies images by deconstructing them into basic geometric shapes with the goal of constructing a complex design out of simple forms. Each piece focuses on individual colors and how those colors relate to the space they inhabit. Colors are piled together to create a network of corresponding objects. These objects are what make each composition identifiable.

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