November 12 ArtWalk Locations

Building C (Artist Studios)

1148 NW Leary Avenue
(1 Block North of Leary on 14th, Banner marks entrance)

Take this opportunity to visit the open studios of twenty-four professional artists, including: Carol Mallett Adelman, Ben Brackin, Andree Carter, Steve Costie, Diane Culhane, Sue Danielson, Michael Dickter, Louise Durocher, Robert Hardgrave, Virginia Howlett, Mary Iverson, Terry Leness, Mike (Mikela) Naylor, Piper O’Neill, AJ Power, Patricia Ridenour, Sarah Savidge, Robin Siegl, Jennifer Stenhouse, Gillian Theobald, C.L. Utley, Margaret Watson, Lilly West and Junko Yamamoto.

We apologize for
incorrectly placing this venue on our quarterly map. Please note that Building C is located south of NW Market Street, just above Leary Way.

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