January 2012 ArtWalk Artists

Moon Shine Gallery
5402 20th Avenue NW

This new stop on the ArtWalk features paintings of northwest marine and alpine scenes by John Holm, whose work has been featured in Surfers Journal and Liquid Salt. He has also shown in galleries in Honolulu and Kauai.

Waiting for Orders / Ballard Shipyard #3

The Scoop at Walters

6408 32nd Avenue NW

Charles Fawcett, whose medium is oil, specializes in marine subjects. He has exhibited widely and his work is regularly featured on the cover of 48North and the FOSS Maritime calendar. He is a member of EAFA, the American Society of Marine Artists and is Secretary of the Puget Sound Group of Northwest Painters. He is also a Master Mariner and keen yachtsman.

5408 22nd Avenue NW

Artists and non-artists alike can participate this month at Venue’s Interactive Art Project: Year of the Dragon. Make origami creations and add your own mark to a giant wall collage featuring the image of a dragon in honor of the start of the upcoming Chinese Year of the Dragon on January 23rd. Contribute your own photos, drawings and well wishes for the upcoming new year and enjoy tasty snacks with an Asian theme.

Habitude Salon & Spa
2801 NW Market Street

Diane Culhane starts each day in her studio at Building C in Ballard with lots of coffee. (And sometimes, a Safeway apple fritter!) On the canvas, color and form begin as visual dialogue... a conversation. Images develop from layers of acrylic glaze that build from bottom to top as she intertwines drawing and painting in the composition. Story making and short vignettes from a world she knows and experiences. "A world of my own creation where I get to pretend. A world I know well where secret places reveal themselves to me as a whisper, a knowing, a longing, or a prayer ...I love to paint!" Culhane is also an arts educator who directs and owns Kelsey Creek Fine Art School, a summer program for children.


2817 NW Market Street

Nico Lund, a Seattle artist and graduate from the University of Washington with an Interdisciplinary Visual Arts degree, has been working with many different kinds of art media in the last 10 years. But now she's made her way back to the beauty of traditional oil paint, where she enjoys the process of visiting each painting and being able to pick up from where she left off and have all the layers of paint sill communicating and working into one another. Lund loves to tell stories and create landscapes where the characters are free to invent themselves. The stories have no beginning, middle or end. The intention is to let the idea of each painting come from a deeper place than her conscious awareness, while at the same time allowing daily experiences and observations to play into each composition. Each painting is an attempt to connect with my role in this human experience and the wonder of existence.

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