ArtWalk Venues for April 2012

5408 22nd Ave NW

Photographer Travis Tyler captures the majority of his photos in the urban landscape of the Northwest. They are pulled from clips of time lapse photography that he has filmed or everyday objects that often go unnoticed. His inspiration comes from commuting to and from work every day while riding the ferry. Tyler reveals the essence of each image by capturing just the right amount of light, color, and depth of field - allowing the viewer to connect to the photo.


5449 Ballard Avenue NW

Gallery by Grace invites you to an exclusive showing of its latest works A walk through blacks and whites. Alicia-Grace is known for her passion with acrylics, as she effortlessly breathes life into her pieces with bold and vivid colors. Her works are not only beautiful, but simple and sometimes two dimensional, with much of her inspiration stemming from various rich cultures around the world.

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  1. Last min additions to the Ballard Art Walk venue....?


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