May ArtWalk Event at Root

Root. Integrative Health.
2026 NW Market Street, Suite 201

Photographer, Doug Weeks was born and raised in upstate New York, where he earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering. A visit to Washington State in 1981 inspired him to make the Northwest his home. In addition to engineering work, Weeks has been employed as a farm worker, boatyard laborer, security guard, general handyman, graphic designer, yacht salesman, auditor, and boiler operator. He has dabbled in photography since high school, but his interest blossomed in earnest with purchase of his first digital camera in 2006. His interests in steam power, mechanics, history and hiking combine into favorite photo subjects that involve the interplay of technology and the environment. Weeks is involved in the preservation and operation of two historic steamboats and is currently employed as a manager of environmental programs in the maritime industry. Appropriately, he currently resides in Ballard and this is the fourth public exhibition of his work.

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