Sev Shoon's Last Ballard ArtWalk Ever!

2862 Northwest Market Street

It is with great sadness that I post this message. Sev Shoon has been an integral part of Ballard's art scene since 1991, starting on Ballard Avenue and later moving to BallardWorks on Market Street. It has been my GREAT pleasure to know and work with its founder, Dionne Haroutunian, since 1997. Her studio was one of the first participants in the ArtWalk and she and I produced two ArtsFest events on Ballard Avenue together. 

Though Sev Shoon is leaving Ballard, it will be transitioning into an artist residency in Sequim, Washington, providing artists an opportunity to immerse themselves in their work without everyday distractions. We will miss Dionne and Sev Shoon in Ballard, but wish them the best of luck in their new endeavors. Stop in and say goodbye on this, their last Ballard ArtWalk. Find out more about their new studio and check out a sale of both supplies and artwork too.

A fond farewell Black Dog!

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