Art for Wine Lovers at The Amber Den's June Show

Art and Wine just go together. How many times have you purchased wine solely because of the artwork on the label? Wine and art are both about the finer things in life and when you put the two together, it's no wonder that wine tastings paired with artistic exhibitions are all over the place.

Joy Bezanis has created a series of paintings designed especially for wine lovers. Her Art for Wine Lovers paintings combine her love of old masters' paintings with all things wine. Some of these expressive paintings even have wine bottles in them with details of old master paintings on the labels. Bezanis' fun, approachable style, simple subject matter, and bold colors suggest that these paintings don't take themselves too seriously and can be enjoyed by anyone.

Whether Bezanis takes a classical approach, a whimsical approach, or combines the two, these paintings succeed in evoking a sense of "joie de vivre" that we can all raise our glasses to.

The Amber Den
1556 NW 56th Street


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