I love art.  And I love talking to artists about their art.  My tendency to be distracted by colors, textures, and designs makes it challenging to focus on one art-form for me to CREATE something.  Maybe this is why I love clay sculpting - which I rarely do because I don’t have a decent space (excuses, but REALLY!!) for this somewhat “messy” activity.  I love how meditative and soothing it is, and I love the feel of clay...which brings me back to why I started this entry: Leah Adams of SpiderFelt and the June featured artist of the Ballard ArtWalk.

Color, color, color.  Texture, texture, texture.  When I first went to Leah’s studio at BallardWorks, I was overwhelmed.  No, not drop on the floor and having convulsions type of overwhelmed...visually stimulated and excited about getting going on some project using the beautiful wool colors that I could feel with my hands-type of overwhelmed.  This was a place where I could hang out and play for hours! 

Leah is not formally trained, which is actually something I love about her and her art.  She got going with wool and felting while her children were young and hasn’t stopped since.  While I was hanging out with her in her studio she said something that so many people long for in their lives it seems: “...now I can’t imagine doing anything else; I would do this on weekends!”  How many of us have jobs or occupations that we can say THAT about?  Her enthusiasm is addictive and it shows in her beautiful, functional, and whimsical pieces.   Leah makes everything from little wool soaps, wool covered stones, hats, place mats (“play mats”) to larger pieces like scarves, different types of clothing, wool throws and rugs (she says she actually prefers making these larger pieces but they take a lot of time and sometimes planning).  She also teaches classes, so check out her website: www.spiderfelt.com for a list.

 The piece she will be showcasing at BallardWorks is a spotted felt ottoman made from romney and rambouillet (types of lambs) locks on a romney batt base.  

I have also included a picture of some of her felted soaps which she sells as kits (and because I bought one and made a soap - TONS of fun!), and a picture of one of her scarves (I admit, I love the colors purple and green together) which you can find at www.etsy.com.

~ Tracy E

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