Rick Garcia Back at Camelion Design in June

After a one year hiatus, Rick Garcia, whose work as a painter relates to music and sound, is back in Ballard with an amazing show. He began his work exploring sound in the early 1980’s, coming to Seattle in 1988 as a composer,  working and studying with the sound sculptor Trimpin for over twelve years. During that time, his work became more and more visual.

In 1995, Garcia began to paint with oils on wood.
Largely self-taught, his process is not bound by learned techniques. "To me, painting, much like
music, is a self-generative process that pulls me along."  Garcia takes cues from his materials. "I look at my work as growing organically and directly from the materials and my own intuitive process."

Garcia explores polyphony and texture that are the result of many different layers of color, symbols and textured brush strokes in different tempo relationships. Shapes and symbols create a musical language within the painting. Totemic signs emerge in the work resulting from his systematic approach to color and layering. Garcia uses this process to create paintings with an abstract and primitive edge. 

5330 Ballard Avenue NW

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