Work by Angee Linsey in the June ArtWalk at Kiss Cafe

Originally from the heart of the Midwest, Angee Linsey’s wanderlust began at an early age. At 18, she joined the Army as a journalist and started taking photos for the base newspaper in Germany.  Living abroad allowed her to travel and experience different cultures in every corner or the globe.  

Linsey has always been a story teller – whether in writing or in the animated way she regales her adventures to family and friends.  Always traveling with a small camera, her images were most often of the people she met along the way. 

After military service, Linsey did not continue photojournalism, but four years ago, she picked up a more professional camera. She wanted those images to be more than just snapshots – she wanted to capture the heart of the countries and cultures she experienced through their people. Today, Linsey seeks out people who are simply going about their lives.  It may be someone selling fruit on the side of the road with a child patiently waiting for a treat. Or an old women sitting outside of a church, a place she has sat for hours every day over the years. Her goal is to capture a moment in time that in some small way tells us a story about the people of that place.

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