Paratii Craft Bar Joins July ArtWalk

We Are Way More Than Just a Bar

There are only two art forms that touch all senses.  Cooking and love making.

Real love making.  So intense it makes you feel like having a baby with the love of your life.  It is a daily celebration of giving life.

Cooking, when your heart & soul are into it, the whole experience of preparing the meal and having it with friends, loved ones, guests is also pure passion and a daily celebration of what keeps us alive.

Both, well exercised, make us happy and humble by reminding us of our finitude.  By giving us the zest to live intensely.  They are both a feast for the senses.  The scents, the sounds, images, flavors and textures…all of them…

“Paratii: Food and Drinks Infused with Passion!”

Paratii Craft Bar
5463 Leary Avenue Northwest

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