Seattle Creative Arts Joins the Ballard ArtWalk this July

Seattle Creative Arts will be featuring the work of Stani Meredith.
Stani's approach to painting is best described as "serious play."  
Her paintings bring to life on canvas a world where romanticism and visual poetry join with the urban edge of modern sensibility.  
Her techniques include the use of multiple layers, adding and veiling forms and color, balancing and mixing textural organic backgrounds with shapes, marks and lines.  Stani uses primarily acrylics, which she finds an ideal medium for the application of various experimental techniques.

Born in Burgas, Bulgaria, Stani moved to the US at the age of 19 and currently resides in Seattle.
She studied at the Art Institute of Seattle, privately with Diane Reincke and holds a Master's degree from St. Martin's University.  Stani is a co-founder of Mind Unwind Affiliate and a painting instructor for several painting and creativity programs including Painting on the Vine.  Stani is a member of the International Society of Acrylic Painters.

2601 NW Market Street

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