In October, Annie's Art & Frame is Showing the Paintings of Mike Dipetrillo

Mike likes painting funny things. And as an artist, he doesn’t think funny has to be separate from beautiful. A lot of his art takes on concepts that can be paradoxical when combined: funny, cute, gross, weird, and beautiful.



 His paintings reflect his obsessions: dinosaurs, stripes, mythology, geek culture, and gross-out humor. He enjoys the reactions people have to his paintings. He has been compared to everyone from Dali to Tim Burton. He says that seeing what other people think of his paintings is as much fun as making the paintings themselves.


Mike is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, and has also attended Cornish College of the Arts. He’s been practicing art since he was but a tiny child. He works primarily with acrylics, and occasionally in digital media. Also, when he doesn’t know what to draw, he draws dragons.
You can keep up with his work at

2212 Northwest Market Street

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