Premiering at Annie's Art & Frame, Stop Motion Animation and Illustrations by Mari Ichimasu, with Musical Guests, Rats in the Grass



The premiere of LITTLE OZE - a stop motion animation by Mari Ichimasu.


Komari is a Seattle based artist born in Tokyo Japan.  Attending art schools in Seattle, Tokyo, and Osaka, her main focuses are stop motion animation and illustration.  Working with a DIY mentality, Mari plays writer, director, builder, and animator when making videos.  Her illustrations are filled with majestically adorable furry creatures and expansive beautifully cold landscapes. Mari’s imagination is deeper than the darkest watercolor in her palate.  Following the traditions of eastern European masters of animation, Mari builds every puppet and set piece by hand and paints her own backgrounds making every frame shot a one of a kind original.

I have been traveling the world in my imagination called Little Oze.  Anything I see, meet, listen to or feel on this endless trip, I visualize in my projects like writing in a memo pad or journal. There are some interesting views and stories that I can’t help but document. Concepts often come from very small ordinary scenes in daily life that are often taken for granted.  My mission is to be the voice and deliver the beauty of everything with a small and quiet existence.”
Part of the Process:


Gold River


We at Annie's are VERY excited to host the premiere of Little Oze. We will also have live music by Rats In the Grass.

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Annie's Art & Frame
2212 Northwest Market Street

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