La Isla Invites You to View Their Festive Caribbean Art in December, Exhibited by A Splash of the Caribbean

This month features a colorful collection of Caribbean artists, pieces including: 

~ Puerto Rican Three Kings wood etchings
~ Award winning paper mache carnival masks from Santiago, Dominican Republic
~ Coconut carnival masks from Loiza, Puerto Rico
~ Hand painted Caribbean birds on driftwood from Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico
~ Hand painted tropical batea platters from Santo Domingo, Dominica Republic
~ Calabash painted masks from Puerto Rico
~ Hand painted bamboo from Puerto Rico 
~ Recycled oil drum butterflies and dragonflies from Croix de Boquets, Haiti
~ Large and miniature Haitian acrylic paintings
~ And the popular coconut shell butterflies from Moca, Dominican Republic to add to your Christmas tree ornaments. 

This exhibit is brought to La Isla by A Splash of the Caribbean

La Isla
2320 NW Market

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