For the Month of January, Y Home, A Pop Art Installation by MK Barr will be Showing at Blowing Sands Glass Studio

a pop art installation by MK Barr

A playful, colorful gulp of fizzy water with new perspectives of home, including sculpture, painting, architectural design and more.  Don't forget your sunglasses!
MK Barr is a multi-disciplinary artist and holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Interior Design.  Recently, she directed the inspirational documentary called “Painted in the Desert.”   She has worked in the interior, architecture field as a design director, designer and computer designer, taught interior design at a local college, shown her art work in galleries on the west coast, published multiple books including her illustrated tale, “Coral, Koko & Ponch: An Inner Adventure”, and created “Seattle Local Artist Cards,” highlighting the work of fellow northwest creators. Her other film projects have ranged from animated shorts to music videos and object-animation creations. Her collaborative work with other artists across genres is an inspiring adventure in reclaiming the playful wonder of life.

5805 14th Avenue NW

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