Art Work By Hiroko Seki To Be Shown at Annie's Art & Frame For This Saturday's ArtWalk

My current creative emphasis is working
sketches with my own focus within each
scene. The style is called "En Plein Air.’’ I
now live in the Northwest and do art to
express that which is impossible to
describe in words. This is my my visual
language; my communication.
The subjects are, birds, wild animals, trees,
flowers, water, and moment. I sketch these
set-up with Sumi ink, dishes, brushes,
sketch-books, and with a towel.

 The basis for my art starts in getting to know the beauty around me. My subjects emerge from ongoing communications with nature. Art is born amidst conversations with animals, trees, and all things in the natural world. This spirit buds into themes I express in Nihonga and Sumie.


 My works reflect the intrinsic power of nature, as purified by simplicity of design. Each Nihonga piece is created in powdered mineral, oxide, and glass-based pigments. They are applied using the traditional heated nikawa, glues made from traditional rendering processes.

2212 NW Market Street

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