Children's Art From Loyal Heights Elementary School On Display at Savour For February's ArtWalk

SAVOUR to Display Loyal Heights Elementary Art

Starting Saturday, February 9, and throughout the month of February, Ballard residents, art enthusiasts, and Loyal Heights Elementary school’s students and parents will have the opportunity to see art pieces at SAVOUR that were created for the Loyal Heights Elementary annual PTA auction. 

The exhibit is part of Ballard’s Second Saturday art walk, held on Saturday starting at 6pm, and an opportunity for the public to see the art before it’s sold.


For this annual event parents volunteer to design and execute works of art in union with the students from each classroom. Pieces must be designed to include the involvement of each student in the classrooms, and the results are high-quality pieces that auction for up to thousands of dollars each. Last year’s pieces brought in more than $20,000 revenue for the school from the auction. 

This year’s art will be auctioned at Loyal Heights 19th annual PTA auction being held on March 9th at the Fischer Pavilion in Seattle. The event is the school's largest fundraiser and proceeds are used to fund essential student programs and classroom needs. 

For tickets and more information on the auction, including how you can donate for the event, visit the auction website ( 

2242 NW Market Street

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