Come See Umpqua Bank's February Showing of Work by Seth Goodkind and Nolan Harris

 Stranded in Ballard: A Tribute to American Gods

In Neil Gaimain's novel American Gods, mythological figures who travel to the New World with the first immigrants are soon forgotten and stranded in the United States. For this show, artists will produce a drawing or painting portraying a god or creature of Norse mythology stranded in modern or historic Ballard.

By Seth Goodkind

Mythos Art Club is a collective of character-driven, story-based graphic artists in Seattle. The group consists of cartoonists, caricaturists, tattoo artists and illustrators. Mythos meet for bi-monthly "Sketch Jams," an event where artists produce new work based on a chosen theme in just five hours and put it on display to the public.

By Nolan Harris

 Art: Mythos Art Club creates new work on the day of each event. The attached images are winning entries from our "Steampunk" event (by Nolan Harris) and from our "Origins of Christmas" event (by Seth Goodkind).

 ~ Over-The-Line Productions will be doing free Viking caricatures during the event ~

Umpqua Bank
2032 NW Market Street

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