Pop Surrealism and Mexican Motifs Influence Alberto Cerriteño at Annie's Art & Frame this April

Alberto Cerriteño is a Mexican illustrator & designer who has lived in America for nearly seven years. Strongly inspired by urban vinyl toys, alternative cartoons, and the pop surrealism movement, Alberto Cerriteño has developed his own very personal technique and style, which includes a delicate hint of traditional Mexican artistic influences in his management of rich textures and decorative patterns. These contrast strikingly with the blending of desaturated colors and ink, sometimes featuring a vintage coffee finish.


Alberto Cerriteño illustrations have been recognized by progressive art institutions such as Juxtapoz, Create, Drawn!, The Little Chimp Society, Computer Arts, Communication Arts and IDN among others. He has also been invited to participate in collaborative art projects all around the world and diverse solo and group gallery shows.


Annie's Art & Frame
2212 NW Market St


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