Becca Gherardini Shows Bold Paintings at Ballard Station Public House

Andrew L. Parker with RE/MAX Metro Realty hosts artists each month as part of the Ballard ArtWalk. This month he will be at the Ballard Station Public House with Becca Gherardini. 

Artist Statement: 
The moment I decided to become an artist I was drawing a live portrait of my Grandmother, Charlotte, AKA Charlie. She was casually lying back on my parents couch in San Diego, where I’m from. Her eyes were closed as she enjoyed the mid-day, summer breeze and the light shining on her skin. As I sketched the lines and shading of her 82 year old face she told me tales about my ancestors who were artists. I remember drawing her smirk and knowing that little smile was from her enjoyment of sharing time with her granddaughter this way, and the pride she felt of knowing that the creativity will survive in her family. When she looked at what I had drawn she said in an angry tone, “Hey! I don’t look that old” and we laughed. I wish I could find that sketch.

Summer ended and I went back up to San Francisco to continue working on my degree in Design and Fine Art at SFSU. Living in San Francisco for 8 years had a huge impact on my art style as well as the years I spent abroad at school in Europe. I went to High school in Switzerland, where I vastly expanded my world experiences. Then again in college I did a year at a prestigious industrial design school in London, called Brunel. To be honest, it was hard and it just wasn’t for me.   couldn’t wait to get back to the United States and get into some art classes again. I'll never forget my African Art History class at SF State. It was so inspiring to me that I took it 3 times!! I am so lucky to have such supportive parents and family that stand behind me and my creative endeavors.

My style is very distinct. It’s bold, and it keeps getting bigger in size. I like to approach a painting without any clear idea of where it’s going. I am inspired by the mystery, and as the imagery develops before me I am guided to, hopefully, a solid outcome. I believe this is the path to being authentic, and if I don’t have that then I have not been true to myself or the art that I produce. As far as the subject matter goes, I believe I’m just channeling my subconscious and I have a hard time verbally expressing “what it means”.

I primarily use acrylic on canvas because of the sheer size of my work, paint isn’t cheap. I also introduce a variety of mediums such as oil sticks, sand, gold leaf, mica, gels, crackle, found objects, etc… I have the need for texture in my paintings because my technique can often makes things look so flat.

When I'm not painting, I'm either at work framing fine art, or I'm behind my drums making music with my band. Seattle has been really good to me. I've been here for almost 6 years and this is the first time I've shown any of my work. Please enjoy it.

Ballard Station Public House
2236 NW Market St

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