Diana Fakhoury's Jewelry Showcased at Venue during May Artwalk

Diana Fakhoury has loved jewelry since she was a little girl playing with her mother’s jewels. Growing up in the Middle East, her family's home was full of traditional paintings, sculptures and ornaments which gave her an appreciation for handmade goods and an inclination to create. Her Middle Eastern roots are now infused into her aesthetic. 

Diana's path to jewelry design was not a linear one. She began her studies in engineering, but later continued with a degree in Art & Design, practicing woodworking, screen-printing, and painting along the way. 

Designing jewelry perfectly embodies Diana's love for geometry, color, pattern and sculpture.  Expanding her collection at Venue this month, we see in her jewelry geometric and exotic elements combined in a playful yet romantic spirit.

5408 22nd Ave NW

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