Ballard Consignment Presents the Watercolors of Katya Minkina for the July ArtWalk

“This series of watercolor paintings was born as a combination of two things from my 'never-to-do' list. Sketching in public and using watercolor."

The idea of drawing in public has always intimidated me. I preferred the comfort of more controlled settings, until I finally ventured into Seattle cafes about a month ago. When sketching real people who go about their business, a few seconds is all you got to capture a pose or a gesture. It takes a while to warm up and start seeing the essence beyond all the overwhelming details that cry for attention.

I have always had a very special reverence for watercolor as a medium, and for this reason I've resisted it the longest. For this series, I made dozens of quick pen drawings on location, and then continued working on them with watercolor in my studio. It allowed me to explore the spontaneity and fluidity of watercolor without being influenced by the original colors. In my experience, the most interesting effects of watercolor are more likely to come through in the absence of tight references - that's when the medium claims its power and works its natural magic.” 

Katya Minkina.

Special Features of the Show: 
Katya will be doing sidewalk portraits during the opening of the show and throughout Seafood Fest. 

5459 Leary Avenue NW

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