Visiting Building C

As a working artist, it isn't often I get the chance to visit other venues on Second Saturday. For the month of July, I invited a friend to show her work in my studio while I took the night off to visit Ballard with a friend. Wanting to see as much art as possible, we went to Building C, located on 14th Ave NW at Leary.

In my child's mind, Building C is exactly what I imagined a studio building would look like. Exposed beams, rough wood floors, commercial loading bays and light filled workspaces.

With a roster of 28 artists and a number of collaborative studios, there is plenty to see on any given visit. We were only able to see half the open studios during our time. The artists were open and engaging, eager to discuss their work, their process, and sources of inspiration. I found endless inspiration.

Russel Hay in I Have Shot

Since the artists in Building C don't curate rotating shows, a visit to the building is unlike other spots along the Artwalk. You never know whose doors will be open, or what you will see when you stop in. They do not frequently promote their building, so it doesn't get a lot of hype through the channels available to Artwalk businesses. That being said, it should definitely be a destination for anyone interested in seeing the art at the source. This is where serious art happens.

Leah Adams - SpiderFelt in Spark Studio at BallardWorks

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