The Photographer Erynn Rose will be Featured at Venue for the August ArtWalk

Erynn Rose, Photographer

Erynn Rose started taking pictures in the early 90’s, mostly because he was surrounded  by a family of photographers who he felt were always taking pictures of the wrong thing. He picked up the camera to show them what they were missing. Now he can be found wandering Seattle with a variety of digital and film cameras to try and capture Seattle in all her glory. He specializes in tilt-shift* views of the city, making it look like a detailed architectural model. You may have seen his work in Seattle Magazine, or Where Seattle books and maps.

Fremont Bridge



 *What is tilt-shift? Tilt-shift imposes a fake depth of field on the image, resembling what you would see in a close-up image of small objects, tricking the eye and making it look like a miniature scene. This is achieved either by tilting the lens off the body, leaving just a line of the image in focus, or in post-production blurring all but a tight section of the image.

5408 22nd Avenue NW

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